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Post  Dushall on Thu Apr 05, 2012 12:36 pm

Member rules:
1) The first rule of Angels Dawn has always been to have fun and remember that this is a game.
2) Keep the site teen appropriate. Remember that kids may or may not look through the forum.
3) Do not post links to your own personal RP site unless you have spoken to the Admin's.
4) Do not tell people you are management if you are not.
5) Do not argue on the site. Keep problems with another member in PM's only. If you cant fix the problem then PM a member of Management and we will act as a mediator.

Roleplay Rules:
1) Remember that there is no god-modding. Your character can not single handedly take down a Borg Cube in three sentences.
2) Keep your characters actions in line with your bio. A character who has always been a nerd will most likely not be the best phaser slinger in the Gamma Quadrant.
3) Make your post detailed. Not everyone are literature majors. I know I'm just a dumb Marine with only a high school education but we still need to focus on detail oriented post in roleplay. It makes for a better story and overall a better RP experience.
4) You may never control another members character unless you already have permission from that member.
5) Follow the posting rotation set out in the begining of the sim. If the person before you has not posted in 24 hours then you can skip over them and post your reply.
6) We roleplay in the 3rd person. You need to as well.
7) We are aware that, as characters develop, relationships can build and occur with other characters whether PC or NPC. This can be an amazing and wonderful thing to write and to read- however it should never be the main storyline for your character. Give us background, give us depth and give us something great to read. If we feel, that your writing more romance driven posts than story/background driven posts we may have to throw you in a cold shower and add a couple new plot twists to keep your hands busy.

Character Applications
1) Every member must create a character to begin Roleplaying.
2) There will be no characters that are related to any canon characters. I.E. My character cannot be the nephew of Captain Picard.
3) There are no unknowns in a bio. Even if your character starts out with memory loss you still need to fill everything out as if they didn't.
4) Every application must be filled out in detail. The older your character the more detail. The higher rank your character the more detailed.
5) Every application will be reviewed by the Department Head before being sent to the CO for approval.
6) If a Department Head tells you to edit your bio there will be no argument. If you feel they are being unreasonable you have the option to PM the XO and a call will be made. You must abide by that call.

Site developement:
Every member, no matter how new or old, can help to the further developement of the site as a whole. As such we have in our site several research and development branches. You can contribute to any of the areas, Starfleet Tech, Ships, Alien Tech, Ships, Alien Races, Planets, and anything else you think can help us grow. You just need to follow these rules.

1) Detail is always required among R&D
2) Originality is a must. If you feel inspired by another genre of Sci-Fi and want to use a picture as a basis that is fine. But you cannot copy the Star Trek Wiki page of Twi-Lek and expect it to pass.
3) All suggestions are based upon the approval of the Department Head. You must adhere to their edit request.
4) Again if you think that the Department Head is unreasonable then you have the option to send a PM to the XO and he will take a look. His word is final.

Character Limits:
1) You must prove that you are a active user with your first character before you can create - other characters.
2) Your character is subject to the approval of the Management team and of the Head of the department your character is going to be in.
3) Even though this is a second or third character you still need to have detail in your application.
4) Each member can have a max of 5 characters. Of those 5 characters, the following restrictions apply:
- a) No more than 1 Department Head or Higher
- b) No more than 2 Characters in the same Department
- c) No more than 3 Characters in the Military
- d) No freed Borg's / Jem'hadar / Changelings without Admin approval.

Management Team:
1) No member can request to join the team. That will instantly disqualify them if there are any open positions.
2) All Managers will treat every member with respect and decency.
3) Managers will not have favorites and treat everyone the same.
4) Managers will not lash out at anyone on the site.

Adding new ships:
Eventually we plan on adding new ships to the site when we do these are the rules on doing so.

1) A OOC board will be created for the ship by the site CO/XO.
2) Everyone will be given the chance to post if they are interested in becoming the CO and will be required to post why they think they would be the best to command. The Site CO/XO will discuss the people interested and will then PM their choice. That person will have to create a new profile for their Captain.
3) The ships Captain will then have to find members interested in joining his ship. If he fails to located at least 2 more people then the ship will be mothballed until a later date.
4) You may also ask for a ship to be added if you feel it is either necessary or needed on the site. You will need to PM the CO and the XO of the site to get this through. Posting it on the OOC board will result in a denial.

Disciplinary Actions:

1) Anyone who is caught violating any rules while in Roleplay or outside of Roleplay will be given a warning. It takes 3 months for a warning to be taken away.
2) If a person commits a second offenses with-in a 3 month period then they will recieve a second warning and a reduction in rank on the ship their characters currently serves on. That will be all of their characters not just their primary. If they are a Department Head then they will be temporarily demoted to member and a Review Board of the Management will convien and discuss if it will be permanent.
3) If a member commits a third offense within the 3 month period then a Review Board will convien and Management will discuss a proper punishment. It may range anywhere from removing all but one of your characters to even being Banned from the site for a set period.

Periodically rules may be added to this board. When they are a announcement will be posted with any changes to the site.

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