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Character Type: Primary

Name: Donovan Randolph James

Nickname: Donnie

Age: 37

Born:  2358.10.27

Birthplace: Tycho City, Moon

Race: Human

Gender:  Male


Donnie stands at an impressive 6 ft 3 inches tall and weighs in at 210 pounds.  While his dimensions are large, he does not seem to be a fat or rotund individual.  His constant workouts keep him in shape.  He has brown hair, cut close but not extreme and brown eyes.  He typically sports about a days’ growth of hair on his face.  Donnie takes pride in his appearance and his uniform is spotless.  He has a kind smile and if you look deep enough into his eyes, one can see the pain that has accompanied him most of his life.  

Rank:  Lt. Commander

Position: Chief Tactical Officer

Service Record:  

• 2376 – Donnie was accepted into Starfleet Academy and he began his career as a tactical officer.
• 2380 – Donnie graduated with honors from Starfleet Academy and was promoted to the rank of Ensign.  He was assigned to the USS Belmont – Ambassador Class
• 2383 – Received a Letter of Commendation from Captain Eraidu Johnson of the USS Belmont for his actions during the Battle of Epsilon Delta
• 2384 – Promoted to Lt. (JG) aboard the USS Belmont.  Donnie was assigned command of Alpha Shift
• 2386 – Received the Distinguished Service Medal from Captain Eraidu Johnson of the USS Belmont for his actions in saving the crew during the Ambush at the Harlin Cluster Station
• 2388 – Promoted to Lieutenant and transferred to the USS Reginald – Akira Class under the command of Captain Johan Edwards
• 2389 – Received Purple Heart after being injured during boarding action against Cardassian Privateers.  He was able to save the Chief Medical Officer from being abducted and sustained a phaser wound to the shoulder.
• 2392 – Promoted to Lt. Commander and Chief Tactical Officer for the USS Reginald.
• 2395 – Transferred to Citadel Complex

Personality: Donnie can be an intense person.  The loss of his parents at the age of 13 really formed a lot of who Donnie is.  His conscious thought process always includes what would his parents think of him.  Like most humans, Donnie displays a wide variety of emotional states depending on the situation.  He is kinds and loving, but also cold and calculating.  He sees his highest calling at protecting those that cannot protect themselves.  

Donnie does have a few hobbies and most of those are built around physical activity.  He knows that if he didn’t keep in shape, he would not be able to do his job effectively. He loves climbing and kayaking as well as games of strategy.

Lastly, Donnie makes friends very quickly.  He is a social person who doesn’t like to spend large amounts of time alone.  Those few moments that are spent alone, typically turn to thoughts of his parents.

Bio:  Donnie grew up Tycho City, on the moon.  His parents ran the best bakery  in the city and their business was thriving.  As Donnie grew up, his parents spent a lot of time with him, teaching him how  to cook and run a business.  As he got older, Donnie looked forward to working with his parents in the bakery.

That life was never to happen.  A fire broke out in the bakery.  Both of his parents died in the fire, trapped under a fallen beam.  It took a long time for Donnie to recover from that loss.  Some say he has never recovered.  Donnie thought about rebuilding with the insurance money, but his heart wasn’t in it.  He pocketed the money and submitted his application to Starfleet when he had finished Primary School.  In four short but fast years, he graduated and was assigned as an Ensign to the USS Belmont in the Tactical Department.

As a Tactical Officer, Donnie found the acceptance and gratitude that he needed.  Since his parents death, most people just pitied Donnie.  Now, he had a purpose in his life.   He steadily rose through the ranks of the Belmont, earning several commendations and promotions.  Most of his life wasn’t spent on the front lines of any battle.  Rather, the Belmont and the Reginald were ordered to patrol contested areas for piracy and privateering.  Most of his actions came against marauders and the like.

When the opening for the Citadel Complex was announced, Donnie put in for a transfer.
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Welcome Aboard, Lt. Commander. Feel free to post in our first mission.

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