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Name: Clarissa Loki
Age: 30
Born: 2347.4.28
Birthplace: Toronto, Earth
Race: Terran

Rank: Commander
Position: Chief Medical Officer
Ship/Station: USS Redemption

Service Record:

2365Clarissa Loki (on going) Blu_Cadet2_2364CadetStarfleet Academy
2366Clarissa Loki (on going) Blu_Cadet2_2364CadetStarfleet Academy
2367Clarissa Loki (on going) Blu_Cadet3_2364Cadet Flight CommanderStarfleet Academy
2368Clarissa Loki (on going) Blu_Cadet4_2364Cadet Wing CommanderStarfleet Academy
2369Clarissa Loki (on going) Blu_Ens_2364DoctorUSS Fortis
2370Clarissa Loki (on going) Blu_Lt_jg_2364Senior Medical OfficerDeep Space 9
2371Clarissa Loki (on going) Blu_Lt_2364Assistant Chief Medical OfficerUSS Cambie
2372Clarissa Loki (on going) Blu_Lt_2364Chief Medical OfficerUSS Cambie
2373Clarissa Loki (on going) Bth_LieutenantCommanderChief Medical OfficerUSS Sovereign
2374Clarissa Loki (on going) Bth_CommanderChief Medical OfficerUSS Sovereign
2369: Ensign Clarissa Loki assigned as the Junior Medical Officer aboard the USS Fortis.

2370: Ensign Loki puts in for a transfer from the USS Fortis due to te leaving of a boyfriend, known to Starfleet as a person of interest, Eric Dushall.

2370: Lieutenant (jg) Clarissa Loki assigned to Deep Space 9 as a Senior Medical Officer. She begins a new relationship with civilian William Sniper.

2371: Field Promotion earned and recieved by Clarissa Loki to Lieutenant. This earns her the Assistant CMO position on the USS Cambie. Current boyfriend William Sniper puts in a request as a civilian transfer to the Cambie, to follow the newly promoted Lieutenant to continue their relationship but found that his application had been denied by “unknown sources” citing that he had an unstable emotional evaluation. These evaluations are required by all adult civilians who wish to live aboard Starfleet vessels.

2372: Field promotion to Chief Medical Officer abord the USS Cambie. Relationship wit William Sniper severed. Relationship wit previous boyfriend Eric Dusall reinitiated.

2373: USS Sovereign takes on Lieutenant Clarissa Loki to replace the severely injured CMO during the Dominion attack. Boyfriend Eric Dushall is determined to have been killed on a combat mission by the Dominion rebels. Clarissa Loki returns to  William Sniper for comfort and solace. Pregnancy to William Sniper occurs.

2374: USS Soveringn, promotion achieved to the rank of Commander. Relationship reinitiated with Commander Eric Dushall once again. Civilian child is born, female Callie-Grace Loki to Commander Clarissa Loki and Commander Eric Dushall.

2376: Commanders Clarissa Loki and Eric Dushall become engaged.

2377: Commander Clarissa Loki, Commander Eric Dushall and child Callie-Grace Loki are forced to board the USS Hastings after their ship is destroyed.


Work in progress


2347-2369: Work in progress.

2369: Dushall is sent on a mission to root out a possible Romulan spy aboard the USS Fortis. It is here that he meets Ensign Clarissa Loki for the first time. During his year assigned to the ship as a undercover security officer they quickly fell in love. He did eventually tell her who he was and what he was doing. She initially didn’t believe him and laughed off his attempts at such a fantastic story. Once he completed his mission he was ordered back to Shadow Command and was quickly reassigned to another mission. After his abrupt departure, Clarissa believes his story, but attempts to reach him go unfulfilled. She spiraled into a deep depression.

2370: Shortly after Dushall is taken off the Fortis, Loki puts in for a transfer. Everything on the ship reminded her of Dushall and she wanted something new. She was assigned to Deep Space 9 as a Senior Medical Officer; it was here, that she met William Sniper for the first time.

2371: Dushall finds out that Shadow Command gained knowledge that he told Loki his true identity. For her safety, he starts to keep tabs on her through his own underground contacts. It was through these contacts he learned that she was starting to form a deep relationship with William Sniper on DS-9. It was also later this year that Loki earned a promotion and was offered the Assistant CMO position on the USS Cambie. William Sniper puts in a request as a civilian transfer to the Cambie, to follow the newly promoted Lieutenant to continue their relationship but found that his application had been denied by “unknown sources” citing that he had an unstable emotional evaluation. These evaluations are required by all adult civilians who wish to live aboard Starfleet vessels.

2372: Not able to get Clarissa off his mind and seeing another guy getting close to her, Dushall hands in his resignation to Shadow Command and puts in his transfer to Starfleet. Once his transfer went through he was Assigned to the Sovereign as it’s 2nd Officer. This served well for him as Clarissa Loki was offered the CMO position aboard the same vessel. They meet again and the romance continued as if it never ended. Clarissa told William of her reformed relationship with Dushall and this caused William to start sending death threats to Dushall. Desperate to get his love back, he hired a mercenary to kill Dushall. This attempt was thwarted, unbeknownst Clarissa’s knowledge.

2373: The USS Sovereign visits DS-9 for a Medical Symposium, in which Loki was a keynote speaker, and to provide additional security for the foreign dignitaries that were going to be attending. Near the end of the Symposium, the Dominion burst forth through the wormhole and attacked the Federation Space Station. The Sovereign, along with the station’s defences and other Starfleet vessels that were there, helped to protect the station as all civilians were evacuated. Loki’s ex boyfriend William Sniper was among those evacuated to the Sovereign. With Clarissa and Sniper’s friendship rekindled, Sniper took a civilian position on the starship as a bartender and over the next couple of months noticed the growing tension between Loki and Dushall. Later this year, the Sovereign uncovered a traitorous plot between a Starfleet Captain and the Dominion-Cardassian Governments. Breaking away from her current mission, they pursued this lead and with Dushall heading up the investigation they were able to locate the meeting place on a abandoned mining planet. Leading the away team, Dushall and his men were able to capture the Starfleet Captain while the Sovereign engaged the Jem’Hadar warships and the renegade crew of the USS Arnold. Once the cleanup was completed Dushall was approached by William on the surface of the mining planet. He had come up with a plan to give up Dushall to the Jem’Hadar, to finally get Clarissa back. Dushall was then taken prisoner and was thought to be killed after an explosion due to the heavy combat damage the structure had suffered. Thinking Dushall was dead, Clarissa Loki turned to William Sniper for comfort and solace; Sniper had finally gotten her back. This was a very emotional and tumultuous year, as it was during the time of Dushall’s death and the rekindling of Loki’s unintended romantic relationship with Sniper, that Loki found out that she was pregnant with her first child.

2374: Six months after his betrayal to the Dominion, Dushall was able to escape his captivity and make his way to Federation space within a month. Keeping his presence hidden from Starfleet, he was able to make his way back on to the USS Sovereign by using one of his older identities as a Ensign security officer. Dushall stayed hidden for another month before he had the chance to take out William. The Sovereign was in space dock for some repairs and the crew finally had a chance to get some shore leave. It was here that he found out that William was meeting a Dominion Agent. He was able to ambush the operative before the meeting and take his place. There, he had his face to face with William and a heated battle ensued. William didn’t stand a chance so he decided to run. Dushall pursued the traitor and followed him down several street paths until they entered the woods. Eventually he saw William fall over a ledge and into the rocky depths of a waterfall. He waited until he saw blood rise to the surface and then concluded that William was dead. When he returned to the resort on the planet’s surface, he found Loki and showed her that he was still alive and told her of Sniper’s betrayal and who he really was. Callie-Grace Loki was born a month later aboard the USS Sovereign. Still in love with Loki and during his month on the Sovereign Dushall was able to get over her pregnancy. When Callie was born he felt a new wave of emotion over power him. He knew that no matter who the biological father was, Callie-Grace was his daughter. He even went so far as to change the paper work and foil the DNA test to make it look like he was her biological father and that Callie was born a month late.

2377: The Sovereign participates in the top secret Starfleet mission to go into Dominion territory and rescue the 30 plus thousand Federation and allied POWs. The mission was a trap and they are now stuck on the far side of the Galaxy on-board the only known ship to survive, the USS Hastings.

Commander Clarissa Loki
Chief Medical Officer
USS Redemption
Clarissa Loki
Clarissa Loki
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