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Post  Dushall on Fri Apr 06, 2012 7:46 am

This is the Character Application template. Please copy it from the box bellow and insert it into your reply. Remember to title the Topic as just the Name of your Character and that when filling out your application detail is key. It will be reviewed and critiqued by the staff until it meets our standards.

The title of your Application will be just your characters name. No rank or position will be included.

Character Type: (Primary or Secondary, Tertiary, Fourth, Fifth)

Name: (Character Full Name)

Age: (Character's Age)

Born: (The year is 2395. Stardates are done in the following. So today will be Stardate 2395.4.28. Year then Month then Day)

Birthplace: (Location of Birth, Note the Planet Vulcan is not existent but there is New Vulcan)

Race: (Only canon Star Trek Races)

Appearance: (Attach a picture if you would like or give a detailed appearance for your character.)

Rank: (Senior ranks are reserved unless approved beforehand by the CO of your ship. Bio needs to reflect starting rank.)

Position: (Easy right? Make sure the position your applying for is open.)

Service Record: (Post your characters various positions held from their bio along with stardates to match)

Personality: (Explain what you character is like right now. Their ambitions, quirks, attitude towards people, and the way they generally think. This should be a good 2 to 3 paragraphs long.)

Bio: (This is a area that we want detail. Your bio needs to reflect your age. Where did you grow up? Who were your friends? What important events happened. Detail is key. Don't just gloss over 13 years of your characters life. Create a character that you know through and through. Also there are no missing gaps or classified information. Just because your character starts out with memory loss does not mean you don't have to fill out a detailed bio. You still do.)[/quote]

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