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Post  Admiralwood on Sun Apr 24, 2011 2:14 pm

Here be the place to place your NPCs. Just post a basic outline of your character's role, personality and characteristics here along with a picture and, finally, a note to say if there are any limits on how other players can use these characters in their posts.

Rear Admiral Janice Richards

Non-Player Characters - Admiral Wood Courtn10

Human Female

Director of Starfleet Intelligence. Has been close friends with Admiral Wood since their first year in the Academy, has kept secret feelings for him for just as long.

Richards is resourceful, has a strong wit and greater cunning and a real gift for creating an accurate impression of a situation from little or no information coming from multiple sources. Is willing to go to any lengths to complete a task.

Useage Limits: PM admiralwood with what you propose to have her do before posting with this character.

Ambassador Katrine Omarios

Non-Player Characters - Admiral Wood Lacuna10

Human Female

Brash, unbridled and never afraid to speak her mind. Omarios is an extremely passionate negotiator who has built a reputation for turning around difficult talks. She possesses a very inflated - yet not entirely undeserved - opinion of herself, her looks and her abilities.

Useage Limits: Once on board Redemption, none.

Anne Wright

Non-Player Characters - Admiral Wood 300hus10

Starfleet Intelligence Field Agent assigned as an undercover protection detail for Ambassador Omarios. Independant, creative an extremely quick witted. She has few personal interactions and even fewer relationships- perferring casual encounters to satisfy her natural urges in order to avoid distractions on the job.

Useage limits: Once on board Redemption, none.

Non-Player Characters - Admiral Wood Pbucket

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