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First Name:Eric Davis Dushall
Code Name: Eragon
Race: Human Augment 10th Generation
Gender: Male
Age: 48
Born:Stardate 2347.4.8

Height: 6"
Weight: 195lbs
Hair: Dirty Blonde
Eyes: Hazel
Skin tone: Caucasian
DOB: April 8th, 2347
Age: 36

Citizenship: United Federation of Planets (Earth)
Rank: Commander
Position: Executive Officer
Ship: USS Redemption

Spouse: Clarissa Loki
Children: Grace Dushall

Father: Michael Dushall (KIA)
Mother: Destiny McKenzie (KIA)
Sister: Jordan Dushall (MIA)
Brother: David Dushall (KIA)

-Wirtten Borg

2350Eric Dushall 110px-2350s_gray_cadet_yr1StudentShadow Ops
2352Eric Dushall 110px-2350s_gray_cadet_yr3Class CommanderShadow Ops
2354Eric Dushall 110px-2350s_gray_cadet_yr4Class CommanderShadow Ops
2355Eric Dushall 110px-2350s_gray_midClan CommanderShadow Ops
2363Eric Dushall Latest?cb=20070413000548&format=webpCadet Flight CommanderStarfleet Academy
2364Eric Dushall Latest?cb=20070413000638&format=webpCadet Squadron CommanderStarfleet Academy
2365Eric Dushall Latest?cb=20070413000719&format=webpCadet Wing CommanderStarfleet Academy
2366Eric Dushall Latest?cb=20070413000719Cadet Fleet CommanderStarfleet Academy
2367Eric Dushall 110?cb=20090418164119&format=webpAgentShadow Ops Field Command
2369Eric Dushall 110?cb=20090418164047&format=webpSpecialistShadow Ops Field Command
2372Eric Dushall 110?cb=20090418164030&format=webpSpecialistShadow Ops Field Command
2374Eric Dushall 110?cb=20090418164016&format=webpInstructor/MasterShadow Ops Headquarters
2375Eric Dushall Latest?cb=20090502163848&format=webpAdmiral Richards Aide de CampStarfleet Command
2376Eric Dushall Latest?cb=20070131005657&format=webpChief of Security/TacticalUSS Sovereign
2377Eric Dushall Latest?cb=20090502163848&format=webpExecutive OfficerUSS Sovereign
2378Eric Dushall Latest?cb=20090502163848&format=webpExecutive OfficerUSS Redemption
2381Eric Dushall Latest?cb=20090502170604&format=webpExecutive OfficerUSS Redemption
2383Eric Dushall Latest?cb=20090502170604&format=webpActing Commanding OfficerUSS Redemption-A
2388Eric Dushall Latest?cb=20090921125930&format=webpCommanding OfficerUSS Nathan Hale
Personality Evaluations:
The following are notes taken from Doctor Noktero assigned to Shadow Operations.
- July 10th, 2359: Subject Eragon completed first field lead training assignment. Subject says that he feels no remorse for what he did and if given the chance would do it again in service to the Federation.
- December 1st, 2361: Subject has been distancing himself from the other augments over the past 2 years since his first field training assignment and following the loss of his parents. Has been getting into arguments and physical confrontations with his school brothers. I feel that Subject Eragon is not like the others.
- August 30th, 2363: Subject Eragon has been showing growing communication skills towards the other Cadets and even the ability to make friends. He blends in with little ease and has become accustomed to civilian life. The Subject has told me that he see's it as his mission in service to the Federation. Suggest more detailed observation on Subject.
-January 14th, 2366: Subject is about to graduate from the Starfleet academy. He has successfully acclimated to public life. Subject has successfully developed friends and romantic relationships as well as separating from them. Subject has also completed his final Field Training Assignment beyond what was needed.
-March 5th, 2375: Subjects behavior has changed lately. It has been noted that although his efficency in him missions is still the same the manner of which he carries through with his assignments has changed drastically. His first few missions were best described as bloody and open. Recently his missions have changed to more of a art form to him. After talking to the Subject it appears that he has developed more of a connection with people.
-September 11th, 2375: Subject has risen through the ranks and has performed admirably. Out of all his brothers and sisters I feel that Subject Eragon stands out the most. Not only in his mission reports but also in his personality. The Subject seems to value life and has taken a special interest in different aspects of his own life.
-December 12th, 2375: Agent Eragon has put in a transfer to Starfleet Command as a Command officer on a normal ship. After evaluating the subject it was agreed that his new found values are detrimental to his abilities as a agent and his transfer was approved.

Service Record and History:

Dushalls conception was a complicated matter. They span back to before the Federation was around. To the history of the first Human augments that wrestled command of the planet earth and enslaved humanity. They were then defeated and forced to flee earth. It wasn’t until later that Dr. Soong realized the error of the original augments. He attempted to correct this issue but was stopped by Earth Starfleet Command. His research, however, caught the eye of Section 31 and they moved him to a facility where he could work on his equations. His math ended up bringing about the first generation of augments created by Starfleet. These augments proved to be uncontrollable and were all executed. Their research continued and generation by generation they perfected the technique. Long after Soong’s death a young research scientist working for Section 31 realized that the problem was not with the math but with the maturation chambers. She recommended that instead of using incubators they should instead use females to carry the child in their wombs. Using a group of volunteers they impregnated females with the augmented children. The first group of the new augments were less violent and more controllable. With the new recruits Section 31 formed the Department of Shadow Operations. A secretive section of Human Augment agents under the direct control of Section 31 and Starfleet Intelligence. The existence of this group was known only to the Commander in Chief and the Director of Starfleet Intelligence.

Dushall’s birth was brought about by the mating of two augement agents. His parents loved him and wanted more for their son but their “Handlers” found out about the baby and took him from his parents. He was the first augment that was born out of love and not put together in a lab. Even at his young infant age, the time he spent with his real parents would have a profound impact on him in the future. He spent his toddler years in the nursery at the headquarters. His actions were always watched for progression and he was attended to by special nurses and teachers. It was noticed that even from a young age he was still ahead of his peers by leaps and bounds.

At three years of age all children have developed enough to begin classes and learning the skills they would need in the future. The school was grueling, failure to pass classes and test of physical abilities resulted in death. His class started with 200 students. It was when he was 4 years old he witnessed for the first time one of the students being killed for their failure. The child was hefty and lacked the stamina of the others. He fell behind in a run and for that was killed. Witnessing that event strengthened his resolve to be the best and to never show signs of weakness.

The following year the training increased. They demanded more from the students and taught them the ways to kill various creatures. After they had learned all the various methods, they had to kill a small creature with their own hands. Without thinking he strangled his victim. The lesson behind this was to know what it felt like to take a life with your own hands. It wasn’t long after that they had to take a written exam of all knowledge they had learned. This exam encompassed foreign languages, martial skills, known poisons, survival, evasion, and everything else they had been taught. Anyone who failed the test was killed. Eric passed the test with flying colors and above all the students in his class.

At 7 years of age the instructors noticed that he showed signs of leadership as the other students looked up to him. With the signs of leadership Grand Master Montage made his the Class Commander. He took the position with hesitation. It was known that if your performance falls below any others in your class you do not get to join your classmates but instead you are removed altogether and executed for your failure. His every actions were scrutinized even more and he took that mantle. He feared failure as much as his other cadets but the difference between him and the others was that he would not let himself give into that fear.

They following year in 2355, at the age of 8 he was allowed to spend the summer months with his parents. It was abnormal since most students were sent to train at that age with agents that were not their parents. This was to show the children what the field was like and to see how the job was done. During his summer with his parents he grew ever closer to them. They showed him the love that they wanted to before he was taken from them and sent to the camp. Instead of taking him on missions they instead showed him what it was to be a kid and what it was like to have a family.

Seeing his abilities upon his return from the summer months he was moved to the advanced class of students and made the Class Commander again. The Advance class was made of the top 10% of the students which at that time was 12 students. Their training was made up of actual field missions in which they provided support duties. This situation provided him more time to spend with his parents and his baby sister who was recently born. Although he was still the best in the class he started to be distracted with the happiness his family provided.

In 2359, he received his first training mission as a lead operative. His target was a couple that were suspected of trading secrets with the Romulans. He was ordered to take them out and make it look like a accident. In the middle of the night he entered their living quarters and made it appear like a murder-suicide. He had the husband shoot his wife and then write a confession letter and sign it and then shoot himself. Placing evidence in the wife's dresser which was pulled out he planted the idea that she was cheating on him. The news reports and police reports pulled through and it was all swept under the rug. Immediately after the mission was completed he returned to Camp for a psychological evaluation. After his evaluation he is sent back to the field.

Two years later in 2361 he recieved a letter from the Grand Master informing him that his parents were killed in the course of a mission. The lost of his parents drove him into a rage that lasted for months. Once he recovered he grew even more distant from his fellow classmates. His entire focus was on the mission and his training. Nothing else mattered to him. His new dedication gained the eye’s of his instructors once again.

In 2363, When he turned 16 he had to apply to Starfleet Academy and was also given his legal name of Eric Dushall. It was the last portion of his training. The test to become a “Shadow”, a person to blend in and become one with everyone else. The develop the communication skills and the ability to adapt to situations. To develop relationships with others and then to be able to sever those ties when needed. It was a skill that many tried but even fewer accomplished. To be able to adapt to the civilian world and be able to fool everyone around you was what was needed of a Shadow Agent.

Over the course of the next 4 years in the academy that is exactly what he did. He met various women and dated them. It was easy to cut his ties with them because to him they meant nothing. His heart was still hard underneath since his parents death. He was able to put on a cover and make friends. These too he was able to leave without a second thought. While he was in the Academy he excelled at his studies and graduated at the top of his class. Upon his graduation in 2367, he was transferred to Shadow Command with the Starfleet rank of Lieutenant JG.

While in Shadow Command most of his events were off the books and Classified Presidential Top Secret. Only the President and people he hand picked as well as mission staff and essential personel knew about them. It was mostly only at the most 5 people who know of any given mission he was in. Including himself. His performances in his duties were perfection according to his reviews.

In 2369, Dushall is sent on a mission to root out a possible Romulan spy aboard the USS Fortis. It is here that he meets Ensign Clarissa Loki for the first time. During his year assigned to the ship as a undercover security officer they quickly fell in love. Eventually Dushall told her who he really was and what he was doing. Initially she didn’t believe him and laughed off his attempts at such a fantastic story. Once he completed his mission he was ordered back to Shadow Command and was quickly reassigned to another mission.

Two years Later Dushall finds out that Shadow Command gained knowledge that he told Loki his true identity. For her safety, he starts to keep tabs on her through his own underground contacts. It was through these contacts he learned that she was starting to form a deep relationship with William Sniper on DS-9. When it was made aware to him that Loki was about to earn a promotion and a new position on another ship he made sure that William Sniper was not able to follow her. Although a small victory he he couldn't help shake the feeling that there was something not right about that man.

He continued in Shadow Command until he had a revelation in 2375. Not content with life without Loki he too a risk and put in for a request for transfer to Starfleet Command. His feelings for Loki grew with the distance and time away from her and it was eating him from the inside out. He noticed that it started to effect his work and performance. Knowing that it would be impossible for her to get a position within Shadow he knew the only way was to give up the only life he knew for love. His superiors warned him of the danger and that they could not protect him from any possible enemies nor could they promise him that he was completely free of the Shadow. They warned him that there may come a day were he would be called upon.

When he was transferred to Starfleet Command a fake service record was created to make it seem like he had served with them his entire career. According to the service record he was a slightly above average officer with a knack for keeping his head above the water without standing out too much. He quickly passed the Ships Command Officer Course and made sure his first assignment was on the USS Sovereign as the 2nd Officer and Cheif of Security.

In early 2376 the USS Sovereign visits DS-9 for a Medical Symposium, in which Loki was a keynote speaker, and to provide additional security for the foreign dignitaries that were going to be attending. Near the end of the Symposium, they were attacked by pirates and rouge Dominion officers. The Sovereign, along with the station’s defences and other Starfleet vessels that were there, helped to protect the station as all civilians were evacuated. Loki’s ex boyfriend William Sniper was among those evacuated to the Sovereign. Over the next couple of months Dushall and Loki felt those intimate feelings return. He knew that she was resisting it but like the Borg say, "Resistance is futile!" Later that year, the Sovereign uncovered a traitorous plot between a Starfleet Captain and the Dominion. Breaking away from her current mission, they pursued this lead and with Dushall heading up the investigation they were able to locate the meeting place on a abandoned mining planet. Leading the away team, Dushall and his men were able to capture the Starfleet Captain while the Sovereign engaged the Jem’Hadar warships that were hidden nearby and the renegade crew of the USS Arnold. Once the cleanup was completed Dushall was approached by William on the surface of the mining planet. He had come up with a plan to give up Dushall to the Jem’Hadar, to finally get Clarissa back. Dushall was then taken prisoner and was thought to be killed after an explosion due to the heavy combat damage the structure had suffered. Thinking Dushall was dead, Clarissa Loki turned to William Sniper for comfort and solace; Sniper had finally gotten her back. This was a very emotional and tumultuous year, as it was during the time of Dushall’s death and the rekindling of Loki’s unintended romantic relationship with Sniper, that Loki found out that she was pregnant with her first child.

Six months after his betrayal to the Dominion, Dushall was able to escape his captivity and make his way to Federation. Keeping his presence hidden from Starfleet, he was able to make his way back on to the USS Sovereign by using one of his older identities as a Ensign security officer. Dushall stayed undercover until he had the chance to take out William. The Sovereign was in spacedock for some repairs and the crew finally had a chance to get some shore leave. It was here that he found out that William was meeting a Dominion Untercover Intelligence Agent. He was able to ambush the operative before the meeting and take his place. There, he had his face to face with William and a heated battle ensued. William didn’t stand a chance so he decided to run. Dushall pursued the traitor and followed him down several street paths until they entered the woods. Eventually he saw William fall over a ledge and into the rocky depths of a waterfall. He waited until he saw blood rise to the surface and then concluded that William was dead. When he returned to the resort on the planet’s surface, he found Loki and showed her that he was still alive and told her of Sniper’s betrayal and who he really was. Callie-Grace Loki was born a month later aboard the USS Sovereign. Still in love with Loki and during his month on the Sovereign Dushall was able to get over her pregnancy. When Callie was born he felt a new wave of emotion over power him. He knew that no matter who the biological father was, Callie-Grace was his daughter. He even went so far as to change the paper work and foil the DNA test to make it look like he was her biological father and that Callie was born a month late.

His service onboard the Sovereign was above and beyond. Reviews from his commanding officer caught the eye of Admiral Wood and he reviewed the Commander for his new XO. While under review he noticed that no one has heard about Dushall in any of his previous postings before the Sovereign. He did a detailed investigation into Dushalls background, including his childhood, and was not shocked when he was approached by a man he had seen very few times in his past. All of which were classified. He was made aware of Dushall's history which caused him to want the young Commander even more.

Dushall was shocked when he recieved his orders to report to the Redemption. He immediately contacted Shadow Command to make sure they knew and they informed him that the Admiral was aware of his "Actual Record". This relieved Dushall to a great extent and he packed up to transfer to the Admirals Flagship. When he got there he made sure that Admiral Wood would transfer his Fiance Loki and his daughter Grace. Given Loki's experience and talent it was no problem for the Admiral and years later the Admiral curse himself for not transferring her before.

In his time as the Redemption's XO he had seen his fare share of scrapes and has earned the respect of all Flag officers as a ships Commander. When given his pick of Command his only response was that his service under Admiral Wood taught him many things and one of them is that he still has plenty to learn. For his performance and duty he earned many ribbons and citations. In 2380 the Admiral promoted him to Captain even though he was still the XO.

Later that year Dushall and Loki were married in the living forest of Rodne. It was a beautiful service with all their friends in attendance. The forest provided a beautiful backdrop behind the guest with them standing on a cliffside and the beautiful forested mountian range with white caps in front of them.

Eric served with Distinction under the Command of Admiral Wood for several years as his XO. One day he was approached by Starfleet Intelligence. They asked him to partake on a mission that would take him away from the Redemption. There had been rumors of a mysterious and powerful ship attacking the furthest reaches of the Dominion. They wanted him to investigate these rumors and report back. His ship was to be a refitted Intrepid Class starship redesigned for subterfuge and long distance travel. After consulting with the Admiral and his wife he accepted the position with some hesitation.

With his family staying behind Dushall lead his ship into the Gamma Quadrant in the begining of the year 2388. With communication difficult with his ship in the Gamma Quadrant his final message to Starfleet Command upon his passing through the Bajoran Wormhole was the last they heard from him.

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