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Post  Guest on Fri Jul 18, 2014 1:16 pm

1.  The Pirates have been becoming more organized. They have created alliances, some by marriage. Each large ship is it's own clan.  Smaller ships can be a part of or join a clan.  Some marriage alliances are forced marriages.  A code of honor is developing among the clans.

2.  A ship picks up a woman, she's secretly a run away bride and her clan and her Fiancée's clan are after her.  Alternatively, a young couple is picked up. They want to marry but both their clans hate each other.

3.  Legends of a missing ship carrying treasure.  A clue to the treasure ship falls into a ship's hands. Where there survivors?  Getting the treasure before pirates and such could prevent supplies and more technology falling into the wrong hands.

4.  A Saboteur is on board and secretly damaging ship systems. Minor clinches are just repaired but they start escalating.

5.  Food/Medical supplies turn out to be contaminated.  Which crewmember will be the next to end up in Sick Bay while the medical staff tries to find a cure?

6.  A ship needs minerals to keep their life support system operating. Time to go mining asteroids. But many people in this dangerous area do the same.  

7.  He's a bounty hunter on a mission. A mission to kill someone in order to obtain a large reward.  What if it's a ship's captain?

8.  A computer virus disables the ship. People are trapped in their cabins or at their posts. Lifts, doors, nothing run by the computer is working.


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Post  Admiralwood on Fri Jul 18, 2014 1:27 pm

Thanks for the suggestions Pegacorn! I think by combining a couple of these we could make a pretty sweet plot for everyone to enjoy! (The virus one you and I are both thinking alike on...I have a plot involving a viral AI thats the same basic plot.)

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Suggested Scenerios Empty Great minds think alike!

Post  Guest on Fri Jul 18, 2014 1:33 pm

LOL! Razz  If I get any more ideas I'll post a new reply. Thanks!


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Post  Guest on Fri Jul 25, 2014 3:50 pm

09. A stolen object (ex. art, jewelry, etc.) is found, suddenly landing the ship in the middle of a criminal investigation.

10. A crew member is murdered or someone tried to murder them. By who and why?

11. Security has discovered moonshine on board. The captain is worried about crew members over using it and the potential for contamination of the liquor.

12. A holodeck problem prevents the players from exiting the holosuite. It's a computer virus. Players find themselves at risk of real injury or even death.

13. The ship encounters an alien vessel of unknown origin that reads the ship's databank on all the crew members/people on board. Then some crew members are taken (kidnapped) by transportation and the ship flees after doing minor damage to the ship. People taken could be medical experts and/or engineering or whatever the captain decides.


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