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Name: Celeste Day
Nickname: Cel; Red
Age: 22
Born: 2373.08.30
Birthplace: Risa
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Hail: Red; with orange highlights at times
Eyes: Hazel

Appearance: Celeste is petite, but not frail. She likes to do something different with her hair all the time so it can either be shoulder length... or cut into a pixie. Her Irish heritage gives her a fair complexion and while she is not considered sexy, she is very cute and attractive.

When not on duty, she usually resorts to dresses and likes to be quite feminine, even though she acts like a goofy, nerdy tomboy.

Spouse None
Children None
Father Major Cassius Day, 197 Regiment
Mother Mary Hope-Day, Songwriter
Brother(s) Ensign Darrius Day (26) - Operations Officer on USS Eleanor
Sister(s) Cameron Day (15) - lives at home and attends primary school. After graduating, her desire is to design fashion clothes.

Current Rank: Ensign
Ship/Station: Triad Station
Service Record: 2383 - Graduate Starfleet Academy; Assign to the USS Incursion.

2380  Cadet Starfleet Academy
2381  Cadet Starfleet Academy
2382  Cadet Flight XO Starfleet Academy
2383  Cadet Flight Commander Starfleet Academy
2383  Security Officer USS Incursion

Personality: Celeste be best described as nerdy, goofy, perky and awkward. She is a wallflower, but loves to entertain small groups. While she is diligent about her duty, she also looks forward to off-duty time to socialize with the rest of the crew. She has a nerdy guffaw-snorting laugh... which makes her laugh even more.

She is caring and kind, but bullying episodes in school make her quick to react to injustices. She will put her self on the line all the while trying to find a way to get out of the situation.

On duty, she is always careful to do the right thing and does care for unnecessary loss of life. She values integrity and loyal, compassion and mercy above all, which is a little wierd considering she is a security officer.

Strengths: Always the moral one of the group, she tries to do what is right... even if it isn't the popular decision or the easy decision. She is nuturing and any most superior officers say that she had a positive effect on the departments she has worked on.

Weaknesses: Sometimes loss of life is necessary and while Celeste understands it, she struggles to deal with it sometimes. She sees the Counsellor regularly to cope with these feelings of guilt and tries to see her job as defending the weak, not terminating the wicked. Some people have commented that her positivity can be "annoying" at times.

Ambitions: Right now, just out of Starfleet Academy, she wants to be proud of her job. But her love of flying probably puts her midterm career in Starfighter Command or flying runabouts for Marines.  She loves to fly.

When it comes down to it though, Starfleet will probably not be a long term career for her. She wants to get married and have a family. Loves fashion and could open a business on a Starbase designing and selling clothes together.

Hobbies & Interests: Have I mentioned the love of flying. It is what drove her to Starfleet in the first place. From the first day she took control of the throttle, she loved it and was good at it. At every opportunity, she is flying in the simulators if they are open.

Outside of work, socializing at parties, reading, being nerdy and gaming fantasy games. Loves to eat, but exercises to keep her figure.

Bio: Celeste grew up on Risa, the premier paradise resort planet in the Federation. She loved the outdoors and beauty of the place for as long as she can remember. She is the middle child of three children to her parents, Cassius and Mary.

Her childhood was pretty typical... no real wars, no Borg attacks... the most she saw was from the news feeds delivered to the little town that she lived at... or when she listened to he dad talk to her mom about wars and battles when they thought that the children were asleep. She attended school and had friends, loved dance and animals and swam almost every day after school.

But secretly her one love was flying. It came about almost by accident. She had seen the shuttles flying around Risa all the time, but one time she hid on one, wondering how it would be. The shuttle made it all the way back up to it ship, the USS Constantine and already warped out of the system before it was noticed that she was there.

So a whole shuttle trip back, she got to learn a few things from the pilot and that sealed the deal.

Celeste graduated from school and surprised her parents by applying for the Starfleet Academy and was accepted. It was a tearful goodbye with her sister and mother.

At the academy, she excelled at her studies and in pilot training, but as they were cutting back on fighter pilots, she assumed a position in tactical, knowing that those skills would help her once she became a pilot.. She was voted most likely to turn her ship in to a dance club by her roommate. Graduating from Starfleet, she was assigned, to the USS Incursion, a Defiant class ships that seemed to Celeste to be a big fighter.
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