USS Incursion -Deck Layout

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USS Incursion -Deck Layout Empty USS Incursion -Deck Layout

Post  Guest on Mon Dec 09, 2013 12:04 pm

OOC: Just wanted to provide a quick deck layout of our 'tough little ship'.

USS Incursion -Deck Layout Uss-de10

Deck 1: main bridge, captain's ready room, transporter room 1, phaser cannons (2), upper main engineering, plasma exhaust vents, upper sensor array, officer and crew quarters, deuterium storage.

Deck 2: lower main engineering, main impulse engines, computer core, targeting sensors, mess hall, warp coils, sickbay, medical and science laboratory, transporter room 2, officer and crew quarters, warhead control room.

Deck 3: main impulse engines, warhead impulse engines, shuttlebays 1-3, antimatter storage, cargo bays 1-4, airlocks (2), aft torpedo magazine, warp coils, shuttle and cargo management unit maintenance.

Deck 4: landing struts, navigational deflector, phaser cannons (2), forward and aft torpedo magazines, aft torpedo launchers (2), forward torpedo launcher (1), lower sensor array, shuttlebay 1-2 exterior doors and elevator system, main tractor beam emitter.

Deck 5: Modular missions specific component areas

USS Incursion -Deck Layout Defian11


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