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Name: Kandice Michelle Justice (AKA: Kandice or Kandi)

Age: (30)

Born: 2353.9.25

Birthplace: North Carolina, Earth

Race: Human

Rank: Lieutenant

Position: Chief of Science

Ship/Station: USS Redemption

Service Record:

2365Kandice Justice Blu_Cadet2_2364CadetStar Fleet Academy
2366Kandice Justice Blu_Cadet2_2364Cadet Flight XOStar Fleet Academy
2367Kandice Justice Blu_Cadet2_2364Cadet Flight XOStar Fleet Academy
2368Kandice Justice Blu_Cadet3_2364Cadet Flight CommanderStar Fleet Academy
2369Kandice Justice Blu_Ens_2364StudentCochrane University
2371Kandice Justice Blu_Ens_2364Dual PHD Program CompletedCochrane University
2372Kandice Justice Blu_Ens_2364Science OfficerUSS Remington
2376Kandice Justice 2370s_sci_ensScience OfficerUSS Saratoga
2377Kandice Justice 2370s_sci_ltjgScience OfficerUSS Saratoga
2379Kandice Justice Yel_Lt_2373Chief Engineer OfficerUSS Redemption
2380Kandice Justice 2370s_cmd_ltcmdrCommanding OfficerUSS West Virginia
2380Kandice Justice 2370s_cmd_ltcmdrN/AStarfleet Intelligence

Personality: Kandice was once regarded in an early psychological review as a ‘Free Spirit, Bubbly, Caring Individual’. Throughout her experience within the fleet, reviews began to reflect a more solemn and quiet personality - reflecting a more serious persona instead. Before her discharge from the Fleet, a psychological review concluded that - “The Tides of war shifted the mind of a once bright individual into a shell of her former self.” The file concluded with a recommendation for follow-up to review for a possible case of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

In regards to Social skills, Kandice’s personal engagement to others dramatically changed throughout the course of her career - from being an energetic young Ensign who took on high adventure sports in the Holodeck to a Lieutenant Commander who quietly read over schematics in Engineering, daring anyone to interrupt.

Strengths: With a double emphasis in her studies in Science and Engineering, Kandice was very intelligent in both fields of study. She is also very excellent in using tools and repairing things very quickly.

Bio: Kandice was born and raised within the Appalachian hills of North Carolina under the care of her parents, Terry and Martha Justice. Her father served as a CEO of his own company which made mechanical parts for various types of private freighters. At a very young age, Kandice was introduced to the world of Engineering and design as she spent many hours with her father at their production center.

While her father introduced her to the world of Engineering, Kandice was shown the fascination of science through her mother, Martha. Martha spent several years in the fleet in Stellar Cartography aboard several vessels. Both parents instilled into Kandice a great desire to learn and to expand. Upon Kandice’s admission into Starfleet Academy, her first year advisor warned her early on that her unique plan of a double emphasis would be more of an injury to career than a blessing and suggested to only pick one.

Growing up, Kandice found herself as an awkward social butterfly in that it was very difficult for her to find friends. During her time at the academy, however, she found herself within a close knit group of friends including a particular young man by the name of Pat Williams.

Williams and Justice found themselves positioned on their first assignment together to the USS Remington, an Akira class vessel. Their friendship continued to blossom into what was a small romance before the needs of the fleet came into play. Pat was sent to the USS Enterprise to work in Security while Kandice found herself aboard the Saratoga. It was during this time that Kandice began to expand as she was promoted to Lieutenant Junior Grade.

Just two years later, the Federation found itself within one of its greatest trials yet as it faced the Andromedan Empire. Her skills were recognized quickly within the ranks of Starfleet as she was quickly dispatched to the USS Redemption, a Galaxy class vessel under the command of Admiral Matt Wood. She was positioned as the Chief Engineer on board and issued the commission of Lieutenant. From there, Kandice worked through several engagements and battles, helping to hold a war torn vessel together.

In the year 2380, prior to the battle of Cestus, Kandice was issued the rank of Lieutenant Commander and ordered to take command of the USS West Virginia, Defiant Class. The crew aboard was a very young crew, barely outside the walls of Starfleet Academy and little experience within the field. The West Virginia was accredited with the destruction of 23 Andromedan vessels before being critically disabled during one of the turning points of the Andromedan War.

After the battle of Cestus, Kandice found herself within a unique situation as she served in several special assignments with various allied members within the war. Not much was accredited to her files after being placed within Special Operations Division of Starfleet until 2382 when the file was abruptly ended with a discharge notice with no actual designation of release.
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