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Name: Ziva Katherine Creed

Rank: Corporal

Callsign: Demon

Position: Marine Sniper

Species:Human / Urk
Born: Stardate 2357
Gender: Female

Height: 5'9''
Weight: 140 lbs.
Hair colour: Brunette
Eye Color: Deep Red

Description: Tall, athletic, and muscular, the later in thanks to the combined DNA of her father, who is a full blooded Urk, and her mother, an athletic built Irish human.She is slightly frightening looking with her darker skin tone and deep red wine colored eyes. Her dark hair is usually styled into a french braid or bun. Off duty will find her in the holodeck perfecting her skills. Dresses usually in combats off the clock unless she has to dress up for an occassion, be it a date or out with friends, in which she has a fondness for skirts, dresses and heels.

Personality: Quiet and reserved, gets along with most everyone but is known to be standoffish on occasion. Likes to pull pranks and is quite good at it since usually no one suspects her to be the perpetrator. She is loyal. Hard working, compassionate yet firm. Has no issue voicing concern to an officer if the situation calls for it, but even then will remain respectful unless said officer is being a jerk.

Ziva is a firm, card carrying member of the ''love 'em and leave 'em" club, not ready to settle down and therefore is a serial dater, her relationships never last longer than a month or two at best...And it has come back to bite her in the rear a few times because of that.

Strengths: Strategic thinker, Stubborn in a good way. Level headed and is calm under pressure. A great sharpshooter and can make a grenade out of just about anything. Can hold her own in a fight. Always looking to learn something new or old from those with more seniority and knowledge than her.

Weaknesses: Can not cook to save herself, whiskey, handsome men, any and all things medical and engineering. Fear of drop ships (Its unnatural to just drop outta the sky) and needles of any form (will very really pass out, puke or both if she spots one coming at her).

Ambitions: To become a Special Ops Strike team leader. To go to OCS eventually. To make her family proud.

Interests: Explosives, Earth Rugby, Chess and Archery.

Languages: Federation Standard, Some Uruk, Some Bajoran.

Brig.Gen. Audacious Creed, CO, USS Warrior.
Mother: Gny.Sgt. Alexandria (Murphy) Creed, Strike team Sniper, USS Warrior.
Creed, Sulathin, Arakos.
Finn Winslow (brother in law)
Honor Ash, Zeal, Abby Winslow (Twin)
Aunt: Sgt.Maj. Asherah Creed, Strike team leader, USS. Warrior.

Spouse: None
Children: None

Service Record:

2375Ziva Creed Bth_PrivateRecruitMCRD Camp Pendleton
2375Ziva Creed Bth_PrivateInfantry DemolitionsWeapons Company 1st Battalion/11th Regiment, USS Trickster
2377Ziva Creed Bth_PrivateFirstClassInfantry DemolitionsWeapons Company 3rd Battalion/7th Regiment, USS Valor
2379Ziva Creed Bth_LanceCorporalTeam LeaderWeapons Company 3rd Battalion/7th Regiment, USS Valor
2382Ziva Creed Bth_CorporalTeam LeaderWeapons Company 3rd Battalion/7th Regiment, USS Valor
2382Ziva Creed Bth_CorporalStudentForce Recon Training Battalion, Camp Ares, Hera Prime
2382Ziva Creed Bth_CorporalSniperDetachment 2, 5th Force Recon Battalion, USS Vidar
2383Ziva Creed Bth_CorporalSniperDetachment 1, 3rd Force Recon Battalion, USS Redemption-A


Born on the USS Warrior, a Special Operations vessel, to black collar parents, Ziva is the baby (by all of three minutes) out of seven children, all of which serve within the Corps and Federation in some fraction.  Along with her siblings, she had a pretty normal childhood, being taught the basic ‘book’ education by the ship teacher and the more intense ‘life’ lessons by her parents and family on board the Warrior, which resulted in ‘fun’ extracurriculars like hand to hand combat, target practice and how to assemble basic engine parts quicker than you could say warp core.

While it might have seemed odd to the normal person, the children enjoyed themselves and the time spent with their Aunties and Uncles onboard the tight nit Spec.Ops team. Each child usually gravitated to his or her ‘chosen’ favorite family member, which meant Akros was always in Engineering with Kayla, Abby was with Rammage, Wee Creed with Mum and Dad and so forth. It was a tie for Ziva, as she enjoyed spending time with all her family members, learning as much as she could as she grew.

Vacations from school or when her siblings and her were unable to go with her parents on missions, found them with trusted friends on Starbase Valhalla. It was during these excursions that Ziva found a love for Archery & Rugby, later managing to land on a few teams as a teen.  

Her best friend growing up was a tight race between the Kinvara Siblings of Starbase Valhalla, Camron and Kayla, respectfully.  It was with those times on Valhalla, of crawling around in the jefferies tubes, sneaking out in shuttles and lastly, even being caught by Colonels Slaine and Vansen in the grunt house trying to snitch a long range rifle to practice with, that Ziva misses most about her childhood.

As she grew older, she began training in honest with her Auntie Ash and Mother, soaking in the knowledge they poured out into her, finding that she had a knack and love for making explosives and shooting a rifle. Couple that with the various fighting techniques from Ash (some more unorthodox than others but perfectly acceptable by the Warriors) and Ziva couldn’t wait to be old enough to sign on the line and enlist in the corps, choosing to attend Hera Prime for basic training in 2375 and later returning there for Sniper School.

During basic training she dug in deep and learned everything possible in the few short weeks she was there, forming friendships with her fellow grunts and a few of those attending the academy on Hera Prime. Sometimes meeting up with her twin at the local cadet and recruit hangout, a cafe run by parents of fellow Starfleet personnel, for drinks and catching up while helping Abby study for tests. She would spend all of twelve weeks on Hera Prime, graduating from boot camp in the Honor Platoon, receiving her first deployment to the USS Trickster and the Romulan Neutral Zone.

She would stay with the Trickster until 2377, when she would be transferred to the USS Valor and the 501st Infantry division based out of the Beta Antares. The 501st did a wide variety of tasks, everything from guarding visiting dignitaries, away missions, backing up Security personnel on various stations including Starbase Valhalla from time to time. As the Andromedan war began in late 2379, Ziva was placed into a small recon unit within the 501st and experienced her first of what would be many drops behind enemy lines.

It soon became evident that the young grunt knew her way around a long rifle and it wasn’t just sloppy show either. The hours spent during her younger years with her mother, going over each piece of the rifle and how to shoot it correctly showed as her kill rate went up and she was trusted with harder assignments. However, just because she was good, didn’t mean she was perfect and never made mistakes, as she made plenty. Trusting the wrong people, needing patched up by a field doc or medic more times than she cared to admit, Ziva has a collection of scars, some healed and a couple that she kept to remind her how stupid and vulnerable she had been and still could be.

After the war Ziva had been selected and sponsored by her commanding officer to attend the coveted sniper school on Hera Prime, located on the grounds of the Combined Academy there. She enjoyed her studies, learned more from a wide range of instructors, some she had met as a child aboard her father's ship and others that she had heard stories of her entire life. She tried to pretended not to be impressed when a few stories mentioned her mother, although the smile that adorned her lips during those times was telling, just as when any of her tight family was mentioned, Ziva was very proud of her lineage, always trying to visit or vid link up with a family member when able.

When her time at Hera Prime came to a close, she was transferred to the USS Vidarr, Serving with her twin for the first time, and finding herself again feeling much like the younger sibling when she had to salute Abby in formal settings. Her twin didn’t take advantage of that too often, content to just be in the same air space for the first time in years. (Not to mention they had been raised better than to draw the line between Officer and Enlisted) The sisters quickly fell into a routine, before once more being separated in 2383 in the event of Ziva being transferred to the USS Redemption-A.

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Welcome to the Redemption Marines Miss Creed! Does the rank of Corporal sound reasonable?

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Thank's Smile And Yup, Corporal sounds good Smile
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