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Captain Zekial Zaarin NewZekialZaarin_zps5e2921de
Name: Zekial Donovan Zaarin
Age: 38 Years Old
Sex: Male
Species: Human
Date of Birth: June 5, 2345
Place of Birth: Charleston, North Carolina
Height: 6ft 2 in tall
Weight: 205 lbs
Hair Color: Light Brown
Eye Color: Green
Rank: Captain
Ship: USS Valour, a Concorde Class Starship
Position: Commanding Officer
Physical Description:Zekial is tall and while not overtly muscular, is very strong.  His pursuit of active sports keeps him in shape.  He has light brown hair that stands up on its own, giving him the look of a crazy scientist at time.  His African American heritage is evident, but his mom's Irish background gave him his green eyes.  While on duty, he wears his normal unform; while off duty, he opts for comfortable pants and short sleeve shirt.
Personality:The losses in his life have left Zekial serious and a bit dour at times.  He is emotionally cut off from most people. Only his true friends, which are few, get to see the real him.  The loss of his father and brother during the Dominion War and the loss of his wife during the Borg attack on Sector 001 have left him with too many emotions to deal with.  His mother has raised his only son, Warrick in his absence and he is emotionally estranged from him as well.  While on duty, he is determined and his tactics can be described as predatory in nature.
Father - Darius Zaarin (deceased)
Mother - Teresa Zaarin (alive; Charleston)
Brother - Twin - Zander (deceased)
Wife - Celeste Zaarin (deceased)
Son - Warrick Zaarin; age 16 (alive; Charleston - awaiting acceptance into Star Fleet Academy)
Hobbies:Gambling, hiking, reading and surfing.  Loves being at the beach
History:Zekial Zaarin was born in 2349 to Darius and Teresa Zaarin.  He was the oldest of twin brothers, being 32 minutes older than his twin Zander.  He grew up a typical life in Charleston on the East Coast of the North American continent.  Most of his early life was spent outdoors exploring and playing with toy starships and dreaming of someday commanding a ship.  As they grew older, Zander and Zekial excelled at sports and became quite popular.  Except when they were fighting for the attention of a certain female, Zekial and Zander were pretty much best friends.

Joining Starfleet at 18, they both entered what they thought was their dream world.  Little did they know that it was more regimented and stricter than at home.  They got into their share of trouble but were able to adapt their lives to the Academy.  It was here that their choices separated their paths that had always been parallel.  Zekial chose tactics and security as his field of study, while Zander chose Engineering.  They both graduated from Starfleet Academy in 2371.  At this time Zekial was assigned to the USS Viceroy, an Akira Class Starship that was sent to Bajor to patrol for the ever encroaching Founders and Dominion from the Gamma Quandrant.  During 2373, Deep Space 9 was lost to the combined forces of the Cardassians and Dominion.  Lt. JG Zaarin was still with the Viceroy and participated in harassing the fleets of the Cardassians as Federation forces fled the station.  The ship was heavily damaged, and Zekial received the Starfleet Medal of Valor.  Though injured, he was able to save the Commanding Officer, Captain Jayne Williams from a Dominion boarding party.  

The next 3 years, the Federation was pushed steadily back and the USS Viceroy was took badly damaged with a confrontation with the Breen in 2375, that is could not be saved.  This time it was Captain Williams who gave his life saving the crew, ordering the crew to abandon the dying ship and then ramming the flagship of the Breen with it, killing it and several support vessels.  Zekial was in charge of the crew and they were picked up by the USS Valour, which was also damaged.  Combining the crews, Captain Jax took Lt. Zaarin as his Executive Officer and they went back on the offensive with planetary defensives that arrived from Mars and Jupiter to drive off the Breen.  San Francisco was heavily damaged but it not destroyed.  It was also during this time that Zekial found out that Zander his brother had been stationed on the USS Pasture and it had been destroyed early in the battle.  Zekial was distraught over the lost of the brother, but the needs of the Federation outweighed his emotions.  He choked them down and foraged ahead.

His battlefield promotion to Executive Officer stuck and he was reassigned to the USS Valour, a Defiant Class Starship, permanently.  For the rest of the year, the Valour was heavily involved with retaking Deep Space 9, the assault on Cardassia Prime and ending the war.

With the end of the Dominion War, the USS Valour was moved to the Beta Quadrant where they were positioned to deal with the growing threat of the Romulans.  The Federation was also trying to rebuild their fleet and get back to their main objective… exploration.  Captain Jax, now promoted to Commodore, took control of a Sovereign Class Starship, the USS Revenant.  Zekial was offered to follow him over or take command of the Valour.  Zekial opted for his own command.

For the next 3 years, Zekial commanded the Valour and was promoted to Lt. Commander in 2379.  But being the commanding officer of a smaller vessel did have its disadvantages.  The Defiant class was not really meant for exploration, so he was sent to the hotspots or to patrol contested waters.  Every mission seemed to either be pirates, marauders or Romulans.  Soon Zekial began to not trust people and was quick to open fire if their intentions were ever in doubt.

It came to a head in 2381 when Zekial learned that his dad, Darius had been killed by pirates.  The Zaarin family business was shipping and they had attacked his ship and killed the crew.  Zekial made it his own mission to track down the pirates and bring them to justice.  Starfleet signed off on the mission, wanting to bring the pirates in to find out who was funding their attacks.  Zekial has a different idea.  When the smoke cleared, all pirate ships, their base and every pirate was dead… Zekial burned them down with a passion that bordered on obsession. There was an inquiry into his actions and though he wasn’t found guilty of murder, his actions were found to be unbecoming of a Starfleet Officer.  He was censored for his actions and sent to the Beta Quadrant to continue to ward off pirates.
Service Records:
Christopher Pike Medal of Valor (2373) Extended Tour Ribbon - Andromedian Campaign (2375 - 2381)

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That hair cut is not within regulations. You look like a crazy man!

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