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Post  Kandice Justice on Sat Sep 28, 2013 1:33 am

OOC: Prelude and Current Developments on Earth for the upcoming sim series.

---Location Unknown---

---Approximately Six Months Ago---

“Hello? Can anyone hear me?”

Her voice barely squeaked out the words as her eyes opened for the first time in what seemed as months. A bright light from above shined directly down upon her face, making it that much harder to see. Her head moved slightly to the right as she tried to gain her bearings to see what was around her.

The room was barren except for the light above her and a nearby monitor which showed vital signs. As her head shifted toward the other direction she could see a door and a set of mirrors that lined up the other wall. It was an observation room - and she was the subject.

“Computer, where am I?”

There was no response to her.

“Computer. Respond.”

Silence continued to fill the room save her own voice. The woman began to shift slightly as she tried to raise up in bed. Intense pain rushed through her nerves as she belted out a scream in agony. Her eyes danced back and forth as she tried to determine what was the cause of this unbearable pain. Nothing was attached to her body as she was able to freely move her arms and legs. The only clue that she had were the scars that highlighted various parts of her body.

“What have you done to me?!” She cried out as she cringed, weeping and sobbing in the process of everything. “Answer me!” She demanded as finally her body released out of tension as she went unconscious once more.

Behind the glass, two men stood, one wearing a lab outfit, the other wearing a fine tailored suit. “How long until her body takes to the modifications?” The man in the suit asked as he adjusted his own jacket, trying to shrug the moment of tension that he just witnessed. His accent was heavy, very Eastern European

“It is hard to say…” The doctor stated using a similar Eastern European accent. “It should not be much longer, though. If it was going to kill her, it would have done so by now.”

“Very well. Keep me posted.” The tailored suit man stated as he checked his watch.

“Yes, Sir…...Mr. President.” The man in the lab coat replied.

---Three Weeks Later---

The cement floor was very cold - reflected by the shivering of the young woman as she sat upon the ground, a simple hospital gown barely covering over her body. Her eyes were filled with fear, frightened by the surroundings that she had been in for the last few weeks to her knowledge, possibly even longer. The only signs of life that she had seen besides her own was a hatch opening on the bottom of the door that deposited a tray with food on it three times a day for her.

The hatch opened once more and the tray was placed within the room. On it rested a piece of unknown meat, some vegetables, a roll, and a glass of water. The woman made her way across the floor, crawling frantically, to the plate of food and began to quickly ingest everything there.

“She appears to be gaining her strength back.” Stated one of two men who were watching her from outside the room. “Yes. Indeed she is. Carpathia will definitely be pleased.” The other - the man with the lab coat from before - stated as he entered some notes onto a PADD. “Send a notification to his office. Let him that she’s nearly ready.”

“Yes, Doctor.” The other replied as he began to walk away.

Several Hours Later

The woman began to pace around the room, a pass time she had developed to try to wear herself out. The signs of fatigue and strain were apparent on her as she solemnly walked around the room, circling around the bed in the middle. A noise suddenly caught her off guard as she her eyes darted to the door. The main latch opened as two men suddenly entered.

“Who are you?!” “Where am I?!”

The men offered no response as they grabbed the woman by the arms and pulled her out of the room. “Let me go!” She screamed out with other demands as they fell upon deaf ears. She was ‘escorted’ down several hallways until she was brought into another dark room. Inside that room there was a chair and the light above that shined down upon it.

It was then that she heard someone else speak for the first time in what seemed like forever.

“Please Sit.”

The woman crossed her arms and shook her head. “Not until someone explains to me what is going on here.”

“Sit.” The voice insisted, sounding more stern than before.

The woman slowly made her way over to the chair. “Do I at least get to know who I am talking to?” She asked as she lowered herself into the chair.

A surge of pain rushed through her body suddenly as she yelled out as she did before. It was though every part of her body was on fire at once as she huddled over. Tears dripped onto the floor in front of her as she sobbed for a few moments, motioning for them to stop.

“Now now, Miss Justice. I will ask the questions.” The voice stated as it came closer to her. As she opened her eyes once more, finally able to raise herself back up into the chair, her eyes came upon the one person that no one in her position wanted to see - President Carpathia.


---Location: Federation Maximum Security Center, Austria/Germany border---

A fresh new batch of snow had covered the ground from the night before as prisoners from Cell Block E were released into the prison yard for their allocated one hour of yard time. Slowly, the inmates made their way through the various fences, gates, and prison guards as they finally made their way onto the snow. The usual pattern of various groups dividing off to their own areas began to unfold. These various “gangs” made their way to several different locations on the yard such as the exercise equipment, bleachers, basketball court, and walking track.

Though nearly all of the people on this particular block have different stories, all of them had one thing in common - Carpathia. They were the voices of a different federation - one before the war - one before the Carpathian government came into play. Now, they found themselves within the cold bitter mountains along the Austrian-German border.

The concerns for escape were non-existent for the security detail. Leaving the mountains on foot would be foolish for anyone due to the harsh conditions and the place was completely locked down to keep anyone from beaming in and out.

The last few people made their way out onto the yard, among them was Prisoner 00107264, also known as Kandice Justice. With her hands clasped together, worn out mittens covering over them, she slowly walked out the final gate into the yard - into the Iron Jungle.

In the far corner of the yard was a single figure who leaned against the cold walls of the prison block, the ground around him devoid of any inmates for several meters. While this tall, slender being seemed to stare through the fence at the world beyond, showing no interest in the yard at all, everyone gave him a wide berth.

Unlike the human prisoners, this inmate did not seem to be bothered by the cold. His smooth grey skin only covered by hastily replicated set of indoor prison slacks, with no gloves to cover his long bony fingers. Although it was hard to tell exactly what the large elliptical black eyes of his were really gazing at, they oozed a sense of melancholy and wanting.

In spite of his obvious disinterest, it was clear that every prisoner feared him. They spoke of him in hushed tones, referring to him as they saw his people - a race he himself barely knew. Though he had a name, majestic and full of a proud history,in Cell Block E, he was ‘Beast’.

It was Kandice’s first time on the yard since her arrival and her first time in actual fresh air for months. Her eyes squinted together as they tried to adjust for the brightness of the sun reflecting off of the snow. She folded her arms together as her body began to shiver, the major signature of a new prisoner not used to the coldness.

Several prisoners that were part of a particular gang known as ‘The Snake Kings’ observed from closeby. The leader of their little faction, a Tellarite by the name of Larnell, grinned to the others as he stood from the table that they were sitting at. “Gentlemen….we have ourselves a new guest to our establishment. Shall we make her feel welcomed?”

The other members of the gang, five in total, grinned and nodded in agreement as they joined their leader in walking over to the newcomer to their turf. Larnell stepped in front of Kandice as the others made their way around her. “Well, what do we have here? A little lamb lost from the flock?” He asked as he leaned in to examine her closer.

“Look….I’m not looking for any trouble.” Kandice stated as she struggled to get the words out of her mouth. The terror that she was feeling at the moment clearly showed on her face as she slightly cowered down.

One of the gang members glanced nervously at Beast, who showed no visible interest in what was transpiring nearby. Despite the apparent aloofness, the gang member became more and more agitated - unable to take his eyes off the tall creature as if the former Commander was tormenting him.

“Hey,” The gang member addressed his leader, “Maybe we should do this some other time, man….I...uh...think the guards are watching.”

Larnell growled as his attention quickly turned from Kandice to the scared gang member. “With that kind of loud mouth, you’ll wake the warden up from his mid-day nap, you idiot!” He barked out before he glared back toward Kandice. “You….I will see you later…..cupcake.” With a quick motion to the right with his head, Larnell lead his groupies away from the still freezing Kandice.

Her eyes glanced around the yard once more, weary of any more interactions with others - that was until her eyes caught his. The gray skin and large black eyes and towering stature was an immediate identifier. She slowly nodded her head toward him as she began to shuffle her feet through the snow. As the fresh powder came up to her ankles with each step, her steps brought her closer toward a man that no one wanted to have any interactions with.
“Long time no see, sir.” Kandice softly said as she leaned up against the wall next to him.

Beast didn’t make any attempt to acknowledge her. Using the telepathy that was his species’ native ‘tongue’ he gruffly said, “Indeed.”

An awkward pause followed. When Beast spoke again his tone was softer, more apologetic, “I’m sorry. There seems to be a certain level of fear people here have for my kind - despite everything that happened. Even with old times taken into account, you might be wise to avoid contact with me. It’s better that way.”

Another moment of silence followed as Kandice continued to stare straight forward. The silence broke as Kandice released a sigh and shifted her weight off from the wall and began to slowly walk away. “I’ll keep it in mind, Commander….Just remember that you owe the Admiral a drink - one he plans on collecting from you soon.” A light smirk came across her face as she only glanced over her shoulder for a moment and then proceeded to walk away once more.

For the first time since being gingerly led outside for ‘exercise time’, Beast broke his faraway gaze to curiously watch his former shipmate walk away. For one wonderful moment he felt the spark of hope, that maybe he wasn’t doomed to live this ignominious existence for his remaining years - that he could still make a difference. Then he got logical again. Earth was too well defended, Carpathia took well supported. Even Admiral Wood, with whom Beast had challenged and defeated an empire that was master of an entire Galaxy, could not achieve the feat of freeing them - not with the meagre support that was left.

With that realisation, Beast dejectedly returned his attention once more to the snowy forest.

Joint Post - KJ and Wood as Beast
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All across the Redemption lights start to flicker and die as the ship's main power begins to falter. With the eruption of hostilities a certain group of parasites attached to ship's hull went forgotten - left to continue feeding on the ship's power unchecked.

An alarm klaxon begins it's shrill tone of warning, couple with the main computer's voice announcing "Warning! Main Power grid failing!"

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Post  Kandice Justice on Sat Oct 05, 2013 12:28 am

---Federation Maximum Security Center, Austria/Germany Border---

---Cell Block E---

Gray clouds began to cover the sky again as flurries began to fall to the ground once more. The brief time of sunlight had come and gone. A gust of wind rushed in, causing Kandice to shiver a little more as she wrapped herself up the best she could. Her fortunate rescue from the weather suddenly came from an alarm that sounded out, alerting the prisoners on the yard that their time was up.

One by one, the prisoners were checked for any contraband or weapons as they made their way into the hallway that would take them back to their block. Inside the hallway, the prisoners waited next to the wall until the rest of the people on the yard made it inside. It was nothing but silence in the hallway except for the guards who would yell at the prisoners as they entered.

Kandice stood near the end of the line, watching closely as people were patted down. It was during this time that the guards played one of their favorite games of choosing a random individual and taking them somewhere else - more than likely to be beaten and tortured. The line thinned down even more, raising the concern in her that she would be the ‘lucky’ participant for the day.

A few prisoners in front of her, the guards made their choice - An Andorian male. The end of a rifle stock went violently into his abdomen area as he hunched over and fell onto the ground. Two guards suddenly reached down and began to drag him down the hallway. She couldn’t help but stare as the helpless prisoner was taken into a different section, more than likely to never be seen again by the general population. The violent hit to the back of her head that sent her to the ground broke her stare.

“Let’s go, prisoner….unless you wanna go join your friend?” The guard yelled out as Kandice scrambled to her feet. As she entered inside, her hand touched the back of her head, her hair was beginning to be covered in blood. She winced silently as she held her hand over the wound, walking down the hallway with the others until she entered the main area.

The cell block was a 20th century design with iron bars and little lighting. No force shields held the prisoners in place - the atmosphere of the area was enough to lower the spirits of those inside. Guards were in position all over the place with high powered Starfleet rifles - a central control tower for the entire block held four guards who kept a constant watch on the floor. The design of the entire area was meant for one thing: to maintain the guard’s superiority over the prisoners.

Kandice made her way back to her cell and sat down upon her bed. She reached over to grab a nearby washcloth as she pressed it against the wound on the back of her head. Another female entered the cell, an fortunate thing for Kandice as she was placed with another female prisoner unlike others on the block. “You ok?” The woman asked as she sat on the bed next to Kandice.

“I guess so. Doesn’t feel like it’s much of a cut.” Kandice said as she continued to press the cloth on the back of her head.

“Let me see.” The woman asked as she motioned for Kandice to turn around. Kandice slowly complied as she adjusted herself and lowered the cloth from the back of her head.

The woman raised Kandice’s hand back up to it and had her to press the cloth on it some more. “You got lucky...people have died from those rifle hits.” The bunkmate went over to her side of the room and grabbed a shirt. After a moment, she quickly ripped the bottom of the shirt and made a long piece of cloth. She made her way back over and tied it around Kandice’s head - finally giving her hand a chance to rest.

“There, that should help you out for now. Got a headache?” She asked as she stood back up after putting the last wrap around her head. Kandice shook her head. “Nope.” Kandice responded as she moved to lay back on her bed. “Good. Take it easy for a few hours. They’ll be coming around later to take us to chow.”

Kandice slowly nodded her head. Her bunkmate settled down onto her own bed, grabbing a nearby book. She sat upon the bed, legs crossed, leaned back against the wall, reading the book but also glancing out into the hallway every so often.

“You seem kinda familiar…” Kandice said as she stared over to her bunkmate. “I don’t think I ever caught your name, though.”

“Anderson.” The woman replied. “Dr. Amy Anderson.”

---A Few hours later---

“Hello, cupcake.” The low growling voice murmured into Kandice’s ear as she suddenly woke up from her nap. Hovering over her stood Larnell as two of his gang members stood watch at her door. Her eyes shifted quickly over to the other bed to see if Amy was there. Larnell kneeled down beside the bed, blocking her view of the other side. “Oh, don’t worry about your friend, cupcake. She went for a little walk around the block with a few of my guys. She’ll be back later.”

Kandice quickly moved herself the best that she could against the wall, away from Larnell. “What….what do you want with me?” She stammered to get out as she looked upon him with fear in her eyes.

“Oh I thought we could just get acquainted more since we were rudely interrupted last time.” Larnell grinned as he moved from kneeling to sitting on the edge of the bed.

Kandice tried to move herself to the edge of the bed away from Larnell, but was quickly tossed back and held down by one arm. “Now Now, Cupcake….You shouldn’t be moving so quick like that - especially with a bump on the head like you have.”

“Want one to match?” Kandice suddenly said as Larnell stared back, slightly confused. “Huh?” He asked as suddenly he found himself knocked from the portion of the bed he was sitting on with a swift kick and across small area, hitting his own head on the bunk of her roommate. Larnell quickly held his head as he yelled in agony while his fellow gang stared on in disbelief. “Sonofa….Don’t just stand there! Get her!” He demanded as Kandice quickly jumped up out of the bed and knocking them out of her way.

Kandice quickly dashed across the concrete floor as the gang members stumbled to get up and chase her up the stairs. Her eyes darted around, confused as to where the guards were at this particular moment. Chants of encouragement from other male members echoed out across the block as Kandice ran down metal corridors along the walls, trying to stay one step ahead of the group.

Her lack of knowledge of the area seemed to catch up to her as she suddenly found herself into a corner as the members of Larnell’s gang cornered her from both front and back. Metal fencing covered over the corridor, blocking her escape over the side and to the ground below.

“No where to run now, cupcake!” Larnell shouted as he joined his companions. As he made his way past them and up to her, Kandice hunched against the wall, expecting the worst.

A loud crack filled the air, followed by panicked shouting. Two of Larnell’s gang collapsed to the floor like broken dolls, the others milled around each other fighting a strange battle within themselves - deciding whether to listen to their gang-mentality urge to fight the intercessor...or run from him. Beast loomed over them, his elliptical black eyes narrowed menacingly. He looked like murder incarnate. For the first time in years he allowed words to spill from the lipless slit that was his mouth, “You wish a fight Larnell?”

The shadow that was casted on the wall over Larnell made him shiver with fear as he slowly turned around to see what was casting it. As he noticed the gray skin and the looming structure of Beast, the once intimidating Larnell failed to put out even a single word. His hands and knees trembled as he stood in shock, unable to divert his eyes away from the black cold stare of the creature in front of him.

“Looks like someone is at a lost for words.” Kandice stated as she slowly stood up from her crouched position. She moved from out behind Larnell and took up a position along side Beast. “You know, I don’t think he’s very interested in fighting you, sir.” She stated as she stared up at him.

Beast cocked his large head, “I think you’re right.” His voice was a deep snakelike hiss, dripping with malice it came across as downright creepy, “He should leave now - before he joins his Rhwirs on the deck.”

Larnell continued to stare for a few more brief moments before coming to the realization of the situation. His head shook slightly for a moment before he started backing down the corridor. “We’ll talk later, Cupcake…” He simply said before his walk turned into a frightful jog away from the two of them.

“I guess a girl can’t catch a break, can she?” She said as her attention moved from Larnell back to Beast.

Beast shook his head, this time choosing to speak directly into Justice’s mind, “It is a sad day when we have to fight among ourselves. I’ll maintain my watch over you.”

“Thanks.” Kandice said as she turned around to look down toward the ground below. They were on the third level. The common area down below was very busy as people started to come out of their cells to the gathering area.

“What’s going on?” She asked as people in the cells near them start to head out and down the stairs down below.

“Lunch,” Beast replied, “A political minefield in itself - this facility seems to have it’s own twisted form of that kind of vocation running here. As you’re new here they expect you to learn by hard experience -it amuses them to watch FNG’s fall.”

Kandice rubbed the back of her head - the make shift bandage her roommate made for her still wrapped around her head. “Yeah….I think I got lesson 1 and 2 today….” As both of them began to descend down the stairs to join the others, her conversation continued with Beast. “So...what other advice do you got to share?”

“For now, never look anyone in the eye. Don’t speak to guards unless spoken directly to and,” He chuckled slightly, “Don’t ever drop the soap.”

They stepped into line, waiting as those in front got haughtily served drab plastic trays full of grey slop - Nutritional Supplement 104 - by ‘volunteers’ working the food replicators.

Two guards were at the end of the line, gazing darkly into each of the Prisoner’s faces. Once Beast had been handed his tray the guards changed direction, moving to intercept the tall alien before he could break free.

“You’re wanted Beast,” One of them sneered, while the other knocked Beast’s tray from his hands, “Assault on two prisoners.”

Beast shook his head, “I do not know what you are talking about.”

Guard two kicked the tray across the floor, “We have sensors you extra-galactic moron! We know you did it. You’re coming with us, you get to be lucky today!”

Kandice came around the corner, glancing up from the paste that was given to her, almost ready to make an awkward comment regarding the food when she saw the events unfolding in front of her. “What’s going on here?”

“Keep quiet!” Barked out Guard one as the stock end of his rifle came across Kandice’s head, causing her to collapse to the ground with the food paste covering over her.

“Do not resist.” Beast spoke into her mind, “Anger them and you’ll be next. Keep your head down, don’t get noticed. Stay alive.”

Before the guards could get any more violent, the big alien held out his long bony hands in a gesture of surrender. Like sharks sensing blood, the two guards proceeded to grasp Beast’s wrists and drag him away.

Kandice watched for just a matter of moments before she slumped into unconsciousness on the floor of the kitchen area.

---Several Hours Later---

“Stay Alive.” The words of Beast echoed through her mind as suddenly she jarred awake from the nightmare she was in. A damp rag fell off of her forehead as she glanced around, trying to catch her bearings.

“Easy now….” A calm voice stated to her as Amy jumped up from her bed and over to Kandice’s side. “Two blows to the head in one day. You’re pretty tough…” She said as she pressed another cloth to the side of Kandice’s face. “The swelling should go down in a day or two.”

A sigh escaped Kandice as she shifted herself around on the bed to glance out into the corridor area. “Where did they take him?”

“The large gray guy?” Amy asked as she stood up and walked over to the small sink in their room. “Solitary Confinement. Definitely sucks to be him right now.” She simply responded.

“Do you think he’ll be ok?” Kandice asked as she stood up while continuing to look out into the main area through the bars. “He seems pretty tough. I think he’ll make it just fine.” Amy said as she rested her hand on Kandice’s shoulder. “Here...sit down. You’ve had a long day.”

Kandice sighed once more as she sat back down on the bed as Amy pressed the cloth once more to her swollen face. “Yeah….talk about a wake up call.”

Joint Post between KJ and Wood as Beast
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JP Part Two....

“Great work Master Sergeant,” Wood meant it, they’d pulled off that strike without a hitch, “Stand your team down until Lieutenant Moondark’s group have done their bit. You and I have lots to discuss.”

What he really meant was ‘insanity’, but he knew that wasn’t something that could be stated in front of the people he was supposed to lead. Despite that, Wood really did feel this was insanity - hating the fact he was being drawn deeper and deeper into a fight against those who were supposed to be his own people. Hell, Captain Marks may have been a prudish jerk, but he’d taken a badly pummelled Yorktown safely from the melting pot that was the Battle of Cestus - saving the survivors of three other Allied ships in the process. Now he was that man’s enemy - and of many other people like Marks, all because they backed a man who was turning the Federation into the very thing they’d all bled to keep away.

As much a testament to Carpathia’s ability to deceive as anything else, the fact this was happening pained the Admiral deeply. What he was to discuss with Tybalt was going to cut even more. Once they were in an enclosed cabin, he took a deep breath and plunged in.

“Let’s discuss the unthinkable,” Wood said, “The breaching of Earth’s defences.”

Tybalt nodded an acknowledgement and then nodded a stand down to the team who had gone in with him, directing them to some of the seats in the small mess so they would still be handy but could at least take a load off. He himself set his own carbine down onto the polished surface of a table and took a seat opposite the admiral. “Okay sir” he replied, “what assets do we have, are we able to get?” he prompted, getting the ball rolling for the plan he was still more than a little daunted by.

This was after all the very beating heart of the Federation they were talking about, fortified and protected like no other planet in the interstellar nation.

Wood had given more thought to this than he would care to admit. For months he’d sat in the library of his family home on Earth concocting plans to liberate the old heroes he’d known went missing. When he heard that the Enterprise had been recalled - and failed to return - he’d even simulated a mission to breach Earth’s defences.

“We don’t have a fat lot,” Wood admitted, “The Incursion with her holographic masking projector is our best bet of getting in, but we could really use some covering fire for the trip out. Now I’m out here, I could make some calls and see if we can’t draw together those who have gone to ground.”

“So your Redemption on close protection?” Tybalt surmised, guessing that the big guns of the new capital ship would best fit that role, “we could still really use a fighter screen or some escorts” he offered, recognising that for all her fearsome firepower the Sovvy wasn’t exactly able to turn on a dime. “And is there any chance of an inside man or two on the defence stations?” he queried, thinking of all the upgrades that had been put in since the Borg’s near home run on San Fran.

Wood thought about that for a moment. The Sergeant had a point about the inside men, especially considering the fact that they were likely to be retreating with the full weight of the Home Fleet bearing down on them.

“I could make some quiet calls, see if we can’t get a few guys inside ahead of time. As for escorts, if we want to do that we’re going to have to hunt down some of the ships that’s gone to ground. That would take time we don’t have.”

The Andorian marine offered an understanding shake of his head in reply, clearly recognising that time was one thing the friendlies taken to Carpathia’s camps might not have. Beyond that of course was the other unspoken problem, that bringing in still more ships, more crews would finally nail any hopes of keeping the proto rebellion contained; as soon as Wood’s efforts became a full on ‘side’ any hope of averting a civil war would freeze a lonely miner’s death. “okay then” the master sergeant offered instead, “we’ll just have to be faster and sneakier” he declared, “and work with what we can get en route”

From there they moved on to more specifics, different ways to deploy the people they could already count on and different ways to buy enough time to get out with the people they were extracting.. without everything going fubar on sight.


“Reckon its someone we want to talk to or just their Chief?” she asked Ziva, looking up at the slightly taller woman she had known off and on for a good portion of her life. She was a good marine to have at your side in an unsure and possibly hostile situation.

Frowning, Ziva shook her head slightly. "Not sure, but I could have sworn I spotted a Vulcan gathering baskets." She replied, eyes never wavering from staring past the native greeter into the village.

“Is it just me or is that guy in the slightly longer loin cloth familiar? Is he the guy who played on San Fran’s Academy grav ball team?” She asked quietly. One of her best friends at the Academy on Hera Prime had played on their grav ball team against a guy that looked just like that. That guy had a tattoo of a shark on the back of his right shoulder blade, Beth had discovered this after a few drinks with his team in the bar after the game. Now she just had to get him to turn around slightly.

Turning her attention to the man in question, she narrowed her amber eyes as she studied who Beth was talking about. Her sister Abby had dated one of Hera's grav ballers, and being a fan of the sport herself, Ziva had attended the games when she had been able. "I think you're right- he was their captain and high scorer wasn't he?" She answered just as quietly when the man in question turned and the women got a fantastic view of his backside. She smirked, her teeth showing just a touch. "Guess that answers if our people are here."

Beth grinned “yup that @ss I remember, and the tat” she studied some of the other people. The women mostly seemed to have their hair down so it was difficult to spot any with pointed ears and none seemed to have spots going all the way down. However she was sure that she had spotted possibly a couple more who could have been on the Incursion.

She kept the grin on her face, going for the happy not a care in the world look, as she spoke quietly with Ziva “maybe they are worried we’re from one of Carpathia’s ships?” she suggested wondering why the crew wouldn’t have come to greet them and rejoice in their rescue. “Although they’ve been here for the last six months and wouldn’t know about the recent happenings” She was trying to think of a way to convince these people they were friends and not out to harm them.

“They don’t really have any reason to trust any of us” she concluded “we have nothing to really prove one way or another that we are on the Old Man’s side. Maybe if we can find whoever is in charge of the crew and put them on the line with the Yacht?” If they could get them on the line with Admiral Wood she was sure that would convince them who they really were and whose side they were on.

"It wouldn't hurt any, that's for sure." She agreed with a nod. "Getting past grass hat there shouldn't be an issue, I say we just slowly advance, if they were going to attack surely they would have done so by now." She added before spotting what looked to be a group of people walking to the entrance.

"Hold that thought, entourage en route." Ziva took a slight step forward to block and cover Beth out of habit, it came from years of seeing her family and her training that you protected the boss at all costs, even if you were well aware said boss could kick @ss like none other.

The entourage seemed to want the small group of marines to follow them so, being wary of a trap, Beth led the way after the small group of locals loin cloths swinging as they walked. Following them Beth took the chance to have a closer look at the huts the locals lived in, some of the newer ones were slightly different in design and she could only guess that the Incursion’s crew had improved their ‘quarters’.

They were led to a slightly larger hut and, as Beth and the others ducked inside, they instantly recognised the woman they had come to find from the images on the edited file they had been shown before leaving the Yacht…. even without her uniform

With a half smile on her face Beth inclined her head “Ma’am we need your help”.


A short while later some of the crew from the Incursion were leading the marine team to where they had hidden the ship. They had used the local foliage to cover huge nets that covered the entire ship from any shuttles that might fly over it and the engineers had rigged several sensors to hide the electronic signature of the ship. It turned out the signal they had detected earlier was a cunning decoy designed to lure their pursuers on a wild goose chase. Beth was very impressed by the efforts of the crew.

A short discussion with the crew who had remained on the ship still trying to fix it highlighted the problems they would face trying to get this ship back into space where it belonged. Leaving the fixing to the engineers, who roped in her marines and the rest of the crew from the Incursion Beth sat on one of the chairs on the bridge with her legs crossed at the ankles while she read the book she had brought with her and sipped the tea someone had kindly made her.

Sensing someone watching her she looked up to see one of the gold collared engineers observing her with a grumpy look on his face. Guessing what his problem was she offered him a warm smile “I’d love to help you guys get this ship flying again but I have this slight problem..”

“You even think of touching anything other than your mug or your book and I’ll break out the mittens and tape you into them” a voice from under the nearby console warned “we’ve enough to do without you causing something else to explode on us”.

She grinned and waved a hand at the pair of black marine boots “I touch electrical things and the magic smoke escapes and it stops working” she explained turning her attention back to her book.

Meanwhile in Engineering..."Here's the spanner and hydro cooling core adapter." Ziva called out, placing the items in the bucket system the engineers had rigged with ropes and pulleys. She glanced down at her list before crossing the maze of the engineering department to retrieve the next set of tools the grease monkey she was helping, needed to complete her task.

"Grab those pliers too, please!" The engineer called out from her upside down perch, a good fifteen feet up.

"On it!" She called over her shoulder as she rooted about the tool chest, grabbing each item requested then hauling it back to where it was needed. It was times like this she wished she had paid just a hair bit more attention to Auntie Kayla. Ziva hated the out of depth feeling being in engineering gave her.

"Coming up." She stated simply, attaching the filled bucket to one of the empty hooks and watched it zip up to the correct engineer. "How much longer you think?" She asked looking up.

"On the core? Not much longer, not sure on the rest, soon hopefully."

"Right, I'll go update the bridge then." She replied and after a quick stop to grab a cup of coffee, made her way to the bridge and a sight that made her want to chuckle.

"Comfy seat?" She asked Beth, sneaking up from behind the centre chair and the woman in it, who looked to be fully engrossed in the novel she was holding. "You know they end up together, right? After a mad, torrid affair in which they battle dragons and horrible creatures that go bump in the night." She teased further, not even seeing the title of the book her friend was reading as she plopped down next to her in the seconds chair.

“Wait there’s dragons in this one?” she asked seriously looking up to see her friend smiling “oo darn that might have made it more interesting” she admitted returning the other woman’s smile. “And yes the seat is rather comfy we might have to get one like it for the Yacht’s ‘sickbay’ to go with my hammock” she joked taking a look around at the busy people.

“How’s things looking downstairs?” she enquired. “The muck in the atmosphere is interfering with our comms and those of the ship but they are working on boosting the signal so we can hopefully let the others know we were successful and give them an ETA of when to expect us topside”.

"Warp core and main power-" the emergency lighting flickered overhead a few times then switched to normal status and stayed on, causing Ziva to grin before continuing. "Are now fixed, as you can tell." She took a sip of her coffee. "The hull breaches are almost repaired but I heard one of the Engineers mention fixing the remaining minor ones once we're in orbit." She waved a hand dismissively. "Something about good training for the rookies."

She looked about the bridge, took in the scattered crew fixing consoles and panels, one in particular looked like a complicated mess. "How's things here?" She asked, standing to take a stroll over to the tactical console, needing something to do even, if it was just aggravating the grease monkeys fixing things.

Beth was just about to reply to Ziva’s question when she was interrupted by the Incursion’s comms officer announcing that he had got the comms working. “Send an encrypted message to the Yacht with this frequency encoding” she told him handing over a padd with the the encryption logarithms on it “tell them we will try to take off in 10 minutes”.

Looking back at her friend she smiled “things look to be going well and I haven’t touched anything” she chuckled “we’ll just have to gather the rest of the ship’s crew from the village and hope the engines will have enough power to get out of the atmosphere”.

With a chuckle of her own escaping her at Beth's statement of not touching anything, Ziva smirked as she held her hand out to pull her friend to her feet. "Well that's a relief, I mean you are the one that finds fun in dropping out of perfectly good ships." She teased lightly as bridge crew began arriving and taking over consoles, while the engineers packed up, their jobs for the moment done.

"I'll go make sure our stragglers are boarding as they should, see if I can assist with anything for our trip back home." She added as she stood there for a moment before asking. "Unless you need me for another task, Ma'am?" Sometimes it was hard to remember that while they were friends, they were not the same rank and in formal situations and during duty hours, Beth was Ziva's boss.

She had caught a few shocked glances the bridge crew had given them and realized maybe she should stick to protocol, at least until they returned to the Yacht or Beth kicked her in the @ss for being well, an @ss.

Beth smiled “rounding up stragglers is good” she agreed ignoring the looks from the fleeties around them. Recon marines were such a close knit group and the nature of the work they did meant that lines between officers and enlisted were more relaxed. Orders still got carried out in a timely fashion but there was more camaraderie when they did.

Within ten minutes Beth was receiving the call that all the crew from the Incursion were onboard along with her few marines that had remained outside guarding the ship. With a final confirmation from main engineering that the engines were good to go Duchenne appeared on the bridge to take command of her ship. Giving the hand over to the other woman Beth moved to stand by the communications officer as the deck beneath their feet started vibrating.

After a few tense moments where they weren’t sure the ship was going to escape the mud trying to keep it suctioned to the ground they ship was airborne and headed once more for the stars.

Smiling at a chorus of whoops as the ship hit atmosphere she signalled the Yacht to let them know they were heading to rendezvous with them.

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A JP Brought to you by Ziva, Beth, Tybalt and Wood


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====Captain's yacht======

With a painfully high pitched whoop, the yacht's pilot announced that the Incursion was en-route to Rendez-vous with them.

Wood shared the ensign's sense of elation, until a glimmer in the corner of his eye drew his attention to the Putin - a Carpathian...no, FEDERATION, ship floating listlessly in space - left dead in the water by his own people's actions on his orders.

Unless something was done to end this situation, it would be the first strike in a Federation Civil War.

"Thank you ensign," Wood said to the pilot, "Tell Incursion to come get myself and the remaining Marines, then set a course for the Redemption's position. We've got a lot of work to do."

[END OF SIM! Thank you everyone for sticking this one out to the finish. Let's get things going fresh now eh?]

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