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Corey Foreman OUT19908016

First Name: Corey Marcus Foreman
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Age: 26
Born: Stardate 2357.11.10

Height: 5'10"
Weight: 170lbs
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Baby Blue
Skin tone: Caucasian
DOB: November 10th, 2357
Age: 26

Citizenship: United Federation of Planets (Earth)
Rank: Lieutenant
Position: Security Officer
Ship: USS Redemption-A

Spouse: N/A
Children: N/A

Father: Richard Foreman- CEO Intergalactic Shipping Company, Former Pirate/Smuggler and Black Market Dealer
Mother: Jane Foreman- Artisian and Gallery Owner
Sister: N/A
Brother: N/A


2374Corey Foreman Bth_FreshmanCadetStarfleet Academy
2375Corey Foreman Bth_SophomoreCadet Flight Executive OfficerStarfleet Academy
2376Corey Foreman Bth_JuniorCadet Flight CommanderStarfleet Academy
2377Corey Foreman Bth_SeniorCadet Wing CommanderStarfleet Academy
2378Corey Foreman Bth_EnsignSecurity OfficerUSS Trump
2379Corey Foreman Bth_LieutenantJuniorGradeSecurity Team LeaderFederation Embassy Qo'noS
2380Corey Foreman Bth_LieutenantSecurity Assistant ChiefPresidential Support Detail
2383Corey Foreman Bth_LieutenantSecurity Assistant ChiefUSS Redemption-A

Personality Evaluations:
The following are notes taken from Doctor Hsiao, Starfleet Medical Corps.

Mr. Corey Foreman is a interesting man. While it is apparent that the yound man holds himself to a higher standard then those around him there is something to him that is hidden. It seems that Mr. Foreman conceals who he truly is from everyone else, a Masquerade if you will. A nice enough guy and able to hold interesting conversation over a board area of topics I can tell that he is always holding himself back. Not letting himself get to excited, interested, or even involved with anything. I would swear that if I was reading my own words I would think that he was a Vulcan. While he still displays emotions and even gets angry, upset, and irritated he never lets it cloud his thinking.

Service Record and History:

Corey was born on the planet Earth to his father Richard, a wealthy buisness man who owned the premier Intergalactic Shipping Company (ISC), and his mother Jane, a well known lady of a well off Dynasty of Buisness owners and famous artist and gallery owner. Least to say that his childhood was not a normal one. From the moment that he could walk and talk his father pulled him away from his home and took him to the stars. He showed his son the life that he once had. Traveling on a starship between planets. Making trades and dealing with questionable people. It was his hope that his son would be grateful for the life that he currently had.

When it was time for him to attend school his father returned him to the family estate in Virginia. He studied as hard as every other student and got his homework done fast so that he could go out and play with his friends. Again his father took him away from home during the summer months to run around on starships with him. This created a resentment in Corey towards his Father.

Corey was 10 when he started to realize that running between the stars was actually enjoyable to him. The rift between Father and son was disappearing as Corey asked his father to teach him more. A year later Corey discovered through his own curiosity that his father used to be called Jack Blackstar. It was a unnervering realization that the man he thought he knew was actually the most wanted Pirate/Smuggler across the Alpha and Beta Quadrants.

With the realization of who his father was he again approached him. His Father wasn't shocked that Corey found out and was planning on telling his son all about it in the coming months. Again he taught his son everything he knew and tried to pass down the wealth of his knowledge. He taught Corey hot to and when it was appropriate to take emotions out of the thinking process. He instructed his son on weapons and their uses and efficent information gathering techniques. Lessons learned included gambling and culture. How to cover your tracks and how to trick people into thinking or doing what you wanted.

Eventually Corey decided that he wanted to set out on his own. He decided to put his application in to Starfleet Academy, much to his Fathers disapproval. It was his wish to make up for what his father had done. Although he loved his father very much, he did not condone Piracy.

In the Academy he studied as hard as he could while keeping up with his fellow Cadets. He was a exemplary student with a knack towards the Security and Command attributes of Starfleet. It didn't bother him because he knew where his strength lies and Security and Command were the best way to become a Captain and that was his true goal.

He graduated Starfleet Academy in the top 10 percent of his class and was assigned as a Security Officer to the Federation Embassy on Qo'noS. While he was there he made a few Klingon friends and even joined a fighting club to learn the Klingon views on War and fighting. Although he considered them bruttish people he developed a high respect for them. Although every group has it's bad eggs he knew that the majority of Klingons were honorable. He even took it upon himself to learn their language in the 2 years he was stationed there.

Due to the stellar reviews of his Commanding Officer and the Ambassador on Qo'noS and a little influence of his father, he would later discover, Corey was promoted and reassigned to the Presidential Support Detail as a shift leader. It was a easy assignment in general with a very illustrious appeal to promotion boards. Although happy that he was given a important posting he couldn't help but feel like he was getting the short end of the stick. He wanted to be a starship Captain and that would be difficult wihtout serving on a actual starship.

After nearly 3 years of serving the President his big break came. He recieved a message that the nearly finished USS Redemption-A was being staffed with a new crew to replace the losses they took on it last devistating mission and that he was one such under review. It was common knowledge that the famous Admiral Wood was known to hand pick his crew, Officers and even enlisted crewman. It wasn't for a couple months till he recieved his orders to report for duty. Quickly packing his belongings he left immediately without taking leave to visit family. He wanted to get on his starship as soon as possible.

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