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Name: Zethra Jakob Kaine
Rank: Lt. Colonel
Position: Executive Officer - USS Redemption
Previous Position: Executive Officer - USS Adarga
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Age: 35

Physical Appearance
Height: 6’ 0”
Weight: 190 lbs.
Eye Color: Green
Hair Color: Blondish - Brown

Physical Description: Good Looking, Chiseled Jaw with a Youthful Look. Being in the Marines has helped him keep his body in good condition even though he is pushing 35. Broad Shouldered and has a tattoo of an Orion Slave Girl on his back that he got when he was drunk on leave at Risa. If he isn't at attention his posture can be described as "Passively Aggressive".  

Personality & Traits
General Overview
Though his looks might intimidate, Zethra is quiet and funny....most of the time. When on duty, he knows where his priorities lie and he becomes a different person, belicose and loud. During his off time, he is know as a prankster and a jokester. He still holds the unofficial record for the most Punitive Demerits for a one time prank at the Academy. The Commandant still laughs about it when it comes to his mind.

He is loyal to his friends and a dangerous opponent to his enemies. He uses tact with unfamiliar situations and superiors, but he is not inclined to back down when he know he is right, even if it is to a superior.

Strengths & Weaknesses
Strengths - Cool and Calm under pressure. Knows when a tactical retreat is better than a suicide rush. Thinks of his Unit and those under his command before himself. His confidence is infectious. Continious practice with bladed weapons give him a serious edge in duels. Master of martial arts makes him a deadly unarmed combatant.

Weaknesses - Always seems to get into trouble in a casino or bar. Likes to fight Klingons after a few Bloodwines. Is starting to get a bit of a gamgling habit. Can come across as arrogant.

Zethra's Ambition is to be promoted to General and Command a Starship that is entirely crewed by Marines, or command a starbase near contested areas of space. Other than that, he is living his dream of being a Marine.

Hobbies & Interests
Like to go rapelling, rock climbing, and race recreational pods. Also likes to read and play tactical games. Loves to participate in holosuite dramas and sports, especially baseball.

Loves anything Sci-Fi.

Has a serious infatuation with the All Girl Group "The Interstellar Delights", as he has pinups and autographed posters of all 5. He once missed a final exam at the Academy to attend their concert.

Languages   Klingon, English

Father: Robert Kaine (Deceased)
Mother: Janette Kaine (Deceased)
Brother(s): Isaac Kaine
Sister(s): Whitney Kaine
Spouse: Lilly Shannon Kaine
Children: Calle Kaine
Other Family: Spread out on Earth and a few Federation Colonies in the Alpha Quadrant.

Promotion History
2366Zethra Kaine Bth_FreshmanCadetMarine Corps Academy, Annapolis
2367Zethra Kaine Bth_SophomoreCadet Company CommanderMarine Corps Academy, Annapolis
2368Zethra Kaine Bth_SophomoreCadet Battalion Executive OfficerMarine Corps Academy, Annapolis
2369Zethra Kaine Bth_JuniorCadet Battalion CommanderMarine Corps Academy, Annapolis
2370Zethra Kaine Bth_SecondLieutenantTeam Executive OfficerRaptor Detachment, Recon, USS Rampart
2371Zethra Kaine Bth_SecondLieutenantSniperCrazy 8's Detachment, Recon, USS Sabertooth
2372Zethra Kaine Bth_FirstLieutenantTeam Commanding OfficerCrazy 8's Detachment, Recon, USS Sabertooth
2373Zethra Kaine Bth_FirstLieutenantTeam Commanding OfficerRevenants Detachment, Force Recon
2374Zethra Kaine Bth_FirstLieutenantPlatoon Leader3rd Battalion 7th Marine Regiment
2375Zethra Kaine Bth_FirstLieutenantCompany CommanderStarbase Bravo
2376Zethra Kaine Bth_CaptainCompany CommanderStarbase Bravo
2377Zethra Kaine Bth_MajorXO (Acting)USS Adarga
2378Zethra Kaine Bth_MajorXOUSS Adarga
2383Zethra Kaine Bth_LieutenantColonelXO (Acting)USS Redemption-A
Zethra grew up in Cincinnati on Earth. He was the first born of Robert and Janette. Robert was a Starfleet Recruiter and his mom taught at a small private university. When he was 14, they moved to San Francisco as both parents were hired on at StarFleet Academy. His father went to work for the Administrative Department and his mother was a teacher in the Counciling Department.

With both parents in StarFleet, it was a given that Zethra would attend. When he reached of age, he was accepted into the Academy, where he quickly took interest in the Marines. This brought many debates and arguements with his father, who has wanted him to be a doctor. Many were the fights they had while his younger brother and sister watched on. His mom was unable to make either side see reason.

To rebel against his father's oppressive nature, Zethra began to act out in the way of jokes and pranks. Anything that was dared, he did. This eventually led to his unofficial record of the most demerits for a single prank. As part of kitchen duty before the Inaugural Officer's Holiday Ball, Zethra replaced the filling and topping on the dessert with whipped toothpaste laced with jalapeno juice. At the end of the dinner, as all the guest ate the dessert, their tongues began to burn from the jalapenos. Downing water, and gargling only made the toothpaste foam out of their mouths. When the medics showed up, all they saw was a room full of officers foaming at the mouth. They called in more medics for the Rabies Epidemic before they realized what had happened. Zethra almost had to repeat the full year again.

After graduating, he was taken in to Raptor Unit, a squad of Marines assigned to the USS Rampart, a Excelsior Refit Class Starship. Their main duty was escort and protection of Away Teams and help with the security of the ship. Discontent with babysitting, as he saw it, he applied for transfer to the Crazy 8's, a unit based off the Sovereign Class Starship, the USS Sabertooth. On the Sabertooth, his marksmanship rated him the level of sniper. He went on a few away missions. During one, the Crazy 8's were attacked by a gang. Outnumbered 4 to 1, the Crazy 8's sought cover in an abandoned warehouse. Shortly into the firefight, the Squad's XO was hit by a phaser blast. Perched high on a ledge, Zethra was able to pinpoint the gang's location and began to take them out one by one. As he did this, he coordinated avenues of attack for the rest of his squad. With him leading, he was able to defeat the gang and retreat back to the ship with only the XO wounded. Shortly after that he was promoted to 1st Lieutenant and given command of the Crazy 8's. Being with the Crazy 8's really sent home the Crazy part of their name. They perform tactics and assaults that others thought suicidal. Zethra spent almost as much time getting his troops out of the brig as he did getting them into battle.

From the Crazy 8's he was transferred to the Revenants, a veteran Company, as their Commanding Officer. Here they were assigned to several different ship and at one point was stationed on the USS Enterprise, though it was only for 6 days.

All the while, Zethra grew more and more adept at leadership and training. His teams were the best trained among their peers and it started getting noticed. His groups were specifically chosen for the more difficult missions. In several he lost friends and comrades and mourned their loss.

It was at this point that Zethra really started to define his values. A Captain Montgomery of the 115th Task Force ordered Colonel Kaine's troops to hold Coridan against a Dominion Task Force. Montgomery hadn't done his job of protecting the planet and now want to throw the 3rd Battalion at the problem. Seeing that the 3rd Battaltion would be outnumbered 60 to one with no air or space support, Zethra declined. He was tossed into the brig for failure to follow orders. Montgomery sent down the 3rd Battalion and they took severe losses and couldn't hold the planet. An inquiry into the matter had Captain Montgomery demoted and brought up on charges and Kaine was cleared, though most of his men were dead or wounded. He spent the better part of 2 years rebuilding the 3rd Battalion.

Then he left the 3rd Battalion to take over as Marine Commanding Officer for Starbase Bravo. Since arriving at SBB, he has been promoted to the rank of Major and has married Lilly Shannon who has a 5 year old daughter, Calle. From there, he was transferred to the USS Adarga as XO, but that only lasted a year.  Now, strangely, he was being transferred to the USS Redemption as 2nd officer, a move that he sees as a demotion, even though the ship is more widely known.

Service Record
Marine 2nd Lieutenant - Raptor Squad
Marine 2nd Lieutenant - Raptor Unit Transferred to Crazy 8's
Marine 1st Lieutenant - Crazy 8's
Marine 1st Lieutenant - Revenants - Executive Officer
Marine 1st Lieutenant - 3rd Battalion at Whiskey Outpost on Izar (Epsilon Bootis III)
Marine 1st Lieutenant - Commanding Officer of Marine Detachment on Starbase Bravo.
Promoted to Captain
Promoted to Major - Promoted to Temporary Executive Officer while Jason Stone was away on Covert Ops.  Temporary Promotion to Executive Officer made permanent.
Lt. Colonel - Promoted to Executive Officer of USS Adarga.
Transferred to the USS Redemption as 2nd Officer.
Marine Captain
Marine Captain

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